The fourth episode of the Archie Digest Riverdale podcast discusses "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show" Archie Digest Riverdale Podcast #4: “The Last Picture Show”

If you’ve just finished the fourth episode of The CW’s Riverdale, you’ve just learned the truth about Miss Grundy. You’ve seen what a Southside Serpent could possibly physically do to Kevin. You now know some evidence is missing. You’ve met “F.P.” and know his connection to certain other characters. And, of course, you got to see Betty and Veronica both being assertive and awesome.

“Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show” was the title of this week’s show, and we’re back in our respective locations – Chris Hayner and Craig Byrne in California, Russ Burlingame in New York – as we discuss this big fourth episode of the series. Obviously, if you haven’t watched yet, SPOILERS. If you did watch, maybe you’ll want to post on KSiteTV’s Riverdale forum while you listen to this podcast, eh?

Editing credits go to Russ Burlingame, who also took the lead on this week’s discussion. You can listen to this week’s podcast below if you’d like!


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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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