Young Justice #2.20 “Endgame” Series Finale Review Young Justice #2.20 “Endgame” Series Finale Review
Review of the final episode of Young Justice. Young Justice #2.20 “Endgame” Series Finale Review

Young Justice ends its run with an incredibly satisfying  finale, giving us epic showdowns and emotional moments that made “Endgame” right up at the top with the best finales.

Official Synopsis:

“On the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, the team discovers the price of victory may be the entire planet Earth!”

If you have not seen this episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, do not continue reading!


DC’s animated shows have often been able to give their audiences spectacular conclusions to their favorite superheroes over the course of 20 minutes. Justice League Unlimited did it, and fortunately, the creators of Young Justice were able to wrap up the huge storylines from the beginning of the season and series in a mere 20 minutes. And even among the several satisfying moments, there were also a good number of emotional tearjerkers.

The Justice League on trial storyline finally reached its end, as the accused members finally got the charges dropped thanks to the evidence that Superboy and Miss Martian presented: that The Light and The Reach had framed our beloved super-friends. That was moment of relief, as I wasn’t sure whether this plot was going to be resolved in this finale or be part of a third season (had it been ordered). But it was here that I finally realized why it was a good thing that it took this long to wrap this plot up—with some of the biggest members of the Justice League less frequently featured on the show, the focus was able to be entirely on the main characters. The strongest part in this resolution was the fact that it was thanks to the young team, who were able to gather the necessary evidence to free the heroes on their own.

One of the new major players this season was Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, who has struggled with the stubborn Scarab throughout the course of season two. His goal to find balance with it was not necessarily by muting the scarab—a method that eventually turned out to be an evil scheme—but was instead about the two of them finally realizing that the only way that they would be able to be one was to trust each other. The character of Blue Beetle finally evolved into a much stronger and heroic character once they worked together, and were then able to take down Black Beetle by destroying his scarab once and for all.

Out of all the new characters that entered this season, Jaime ended up being the one I cheered for the most. I was admittedly expecting to see this once the Reach-possession-arc finally ended, so it wasn’t a huge surprise, but it was definitely something I was incredibly grateful to see. However, it was a bit sad to see Green Beetle losing his scarab during the battle, but it had to be done; it’s still a series finale, and several tragic moments for certain characters needed to happen.

For all the fans that loved the relationship between Superboy and Miss Martian since their early days in season 1, there was probably satisfaction as the two of them reunited at last. From the beginning of the episode where they started to reconnect during the Rimbor scenes, to their final scene in the memorial garden, it was a powerful ending to their relationship onscreen as well as a new beginning for them in offscreenville.

The saddest moment in “Endgame” was absolutely the last heroic act by our favorite speedster in red and yellow, Wally West/Kid Flash, and his ending was perhaps left as one of the finale’s biggest questions. While I did start crying at first when he vanished and had almost accepted that he was dead, I will admit that afterwards I did begin to wonder if this was the case or not. I haven’t read a single Flash comic before, but from what I have learned, there are times when a speedster has disappeared like Wally’s into the “Speed Force” when they go a certain speed in certain energy. Despite that the reason why Wally disappeared was because of his slower speed, Wally could still be alive if this was a case of him being trapped in the Speed Force.

This event was similar to what happened to the Wally on Justice League Unlimited’s “Divided We Fall,” where he got trapped in the Speed Force after pushing his powers to the limit in order to defeat Brainiac. It seems like this story could have been one of the major story arcs for the third season, where Wally would return eventually. Speculation aside, Jason Spisak, who lended his voice to Wally throughout the series, been a favorite voice actors for one of Young Justice’s best characters. I do wish that Jay Garrick could have been there for the Flash family’s reunion, though, as it would had been a great fanboy moment to see all the Flashes doing it together.

Regardless, the event had a huge effect on all the heroes, especially Artemis, whose sadness I shared. Her conclusion was both beautiful as well as emotional, as she decided to be Tigress full-time since Artemis was Kid Flash’s partner—as she so beautifully put—which made 100% sense. While the price wasn’t exactly what I had expected, at least my wish of seeing Impulse donning the Kid Flash suit came true, which was both thrilling and logical, as Bart Allen does later become Kid Flash in the comics.

Nightwing’s decision to take a leave of absence after the event and give the role back to Aqualad made a lot of sense, as I think that throughout the whole season he has seen what he still needs to learn as a leader. While he has been a good leader, he has taken some huge risks in some of his plans. Something that I could have seen for this character in a third season would had been a journey of improving as a hero, but also as a potential leader, because I think he would have definitely ended up leading either a new team or the same team at some point down the line. Since the beginning of the series, this has always been something that Dick has had to work on, since he was so used to working under silent operations with Batman. So to see him ending up where he did in the finale was surprisingly satisfying.

While I have had my issues with heroes accepting help from Lex Luthor throughout the whole series, I guess it had to be done in this episode because they had to stop the devices somehow. It wasn’t a surprise, though, to see Luthor getting the credit for it all in the public afterwards, because that is just so typical him. Aside from the choice of method, every single action sequence was at its best in this final episode. The final moments that we saw of the team were some of the most important moments of the finale, as we saw the stronger force that they have become.

The last scene of is obviously the scene that made all of us wish that a third season would had happened: Vandal Savage arrived at Apokolips to meet Darkseid. There have been several hints over the course of both seasons of Young Justice pointing to Darkseid showing up (Desaad, Godfrey, Forever People, Boom Tubes, etc.) so to see him show up in the last scene of the series was both a huge geek moment as well as a frustrating one. I would have loved to see the Weisman/Vietti take on Darkseid and his forces of evil, which I could only imagine being done just as well as they did with several of the show’s Big Bads.

Final Thoughts

Young Justice definitely doesn’t qualify as a typical children’s cartoon show, because it’s more than that. As I have pointed out in several of my reviews, the way that the showrunners wrote the characters and stories was on par with hour-long dramas. The young heroes felt just as real as superheroes that we’ve seen on Smallville and Arrow, because they dealt with situations both in their heroic and personal lives that not a lot of animated shows have always been able to do. I will even admit that there were times when I forgot I was actually watching was animated 20-minute episodes; that’s how good this show was.

Before this show came out, I was never familiar with characters like Aqualad, Artemis, Speedy/Red Arrow, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle or Miss Martian. I was never that familiar with villains like Sportsmaster, Cheshire, The Reach or some of the members of The Light for that matter. I wasn’t reading comic books that much before the show or The New 52, but I do now, and it’s partly because of what I have seen on Young Justice. The sidekick aspect was something that I had never dived into that much before, something the show handled very well.

To all the voice actors, writers, producers as well as to the creators Weisman and Vietti: thank you for making one of the most amazing superhero shows ever on television. I stand by my opinion that it was way too early for this show to end, But I’m grateful that the two seasons we got were two amazing seasons. Young Justice will definitely be missed, and if direct-to-video movies ever get made, you can be sure to see me stand outside the store hours before they open on the release day.


  • Even in Atlantian, Lagoon Boy’s catch phrase “Neptune’s Beard” sounds just as awful as it does on English. Luckily, this character was someone that I didn’t need a conclusion to.
  • Despite that he didn’t have a single line during his brief appearance, at least I got to see my favorite Roy one last time. He was definitely one of the characters I wished we had gotten some answers to, especially regarding his status with Cheshire and their baby daughter. It would have been interesting to see what would happen to Arsenal and his Runaways, too.
  • If executives as Warner Bros/DC Entertainment ever need some new reassurance in order to get that Blue Beetle pilot that Geoff Johns was developing back in action, someone needs to show them what Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti were able to do with the character.
  • Call me a sucker for last kisses on screen, but I really wish that we could had seen Superboy and Miss Martian kiss one final time. At least Artemis and Wally got to share one last kiss before the tragic happened.
  • Without spoiling to those who still haven’t seen the series finale of Green Lantern: The Animated Series (where Spisak also voiced one of the major characters), let’s just say that last weekend, Spisak’s characters on both the DC Nation shows had the most emotional conclusions in the finales.

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