Witches of East End 2.10 “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp” Recap Witches of East End 2.10 “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp” Recap
While Wendy resorts to extreme measures to get the girls back on Witches of East End, Killian makes a trip to New York after... Witches of East End 2.10 “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp” Recap

witches of east endOnce Wendy is able to collect her wits after stumbling upon Freya and Ingrid, she kicks Frederick out of the house, not allowing him to make any type of excuse for what happened to his sisters. She then, along with Joanna, gets the girls down from the tree, dresses them up in white gowns, and puts them in the middle of the dining room surrounded by candles. Crystals are placed in the girls’ hands; sage is lit; and Wendy and Joanna do their best to honor the girls while figuring out what their next move should be. Wendy eventually gets Joanna to take a sedative and rest after their trying day, seeing as how they can’t do much of anything if they’re running on empty or too frazzled to form coherent thoughts, let alone piece together a way to bring Ingrid and Freya back from the dead.

Meanwhile, Killian wakes up before Dash and uses his magic to not only removed the piece of furniture that pinned him down, but procure himself the fireplace poker. He gets over Dash and taunts him with the weapon, telling his brother that if the tables were turned, he would end up with a poker through his chest. Dash begs for Killian to end his life, but Killian refuses to give him the satisfaction and leaves him on the floor of the attic, surrounded by the rubble that once constituted his life. While Dash finds the broken jar that contained the figure that represented Kyle’s sunken body, resulting in a panicked call to Ingrid, Killian heads to the Bent Elbow where he has a confrontation with an already drunk Frederick. The latter again brings up the trouble he had with the former in Asgard, claiming that Killian was just as much trouble for Freya then as he is now, and the two have to be separated rather quickly.

Things don’t get any easier for Killian when he rushes over to the Beauchamp home and finds Freya and Ingrid lying in the middle of the dining room. He mourns his loss, cradling Freya’s body in his arms with Wendy watching, while Joanna slices her wrists in the upstairs bathroom, having been consumed by her grief for the girls. Wendy eventually finds Joanna in the bloody water, magically heals the wounds on her arms, and puts her in bed; Joanna, of course, doesn’t want to grieve, nor does she want to live a life without this version of her girls. All she wants is to be reunited with the Ingrid and Freya that she had the strongest connection with, but Wendy refuses to let her sister leave her alone and ends up giving Joanna a sedative so she can find the rest that she refuses to let herself get, even for a few hours. Over at Killian’s, he comes into contact with a mysterious statue that keeps regenerating every time he destroys it, only for Dash to come knocking. Though Dash is looking for help with this situation with Kyle, Killian tells him about Ingrid and Freya being dead and kicks him out of the house, informing his brother that his problems don’t compare to the death that was just experienced.

Back at the Bent Elbow, Wendy spells Frederick sober and fills him in on the situation with Joanna. Her plan? To have him go through with the ritual to bring the king back, since he might be the only person powerful enough to resurrect the girls. It’s not the ideal situation, but in her mind, it’s the only way that they have a shot at getting Ingrid and Freya back. While Killian looks at the bottom of the statue and finds a message from Eva pointing him witches of east endtoward a New York address, Dash gets hit on by a woman at the bar; she turns out to be bold enough to follow up on the drink she sent over to him and urges him to make the most of this grievous occasion. She had sex with a stranger the day her brother died and claims that it was pretty amazing, so she wants him to capitalize on the wave of emotions he’s dealing with and channel those into some good old-fashioned bump and grind. Which he takes her up on, as the two end up pawing at each other in the bar storeroom.

Wendy and Frederick make it to St. Gabriel’s where they find Tarkoff waiting for them. After getting the telepath to agree to help them, Wendy is given a brief moment to spend with Tommy, who Frederick warned her was nothing but a vessel anymore. She apologizes to him for putting him through this and regrets not spelling him when she had the chance, but there’s no time for any of that, not when this ritual has to be completed. Tommy’s body is placed in the middle of a circle of candles and Frederick lays with his head facing the opposite direction; Tarkoff says a quick chant and the spirit of the king, a pink-ish, red-ish puff of smoke, leaps out of Frederick and into Tommy, causing the latter to gutturally scream. When Wendy reaches to help him, her father had already taken over and it’s only a second before Tarkoff gets locked in a nearby cell for harming Ingrid and Freya. The king then acknowledges Wendy being on her last life, implying that he could help her with that, and comforts Frederick after putting his grandson through a lot to get to this point.

Killian’s message takes him to Botanica Cielo E Inferno, a magic shop of sorts where he witnesses a man performing a ritual on a little girl. However, the man immediately picks up on Killian’s presence and gets him step forward from his hiding place. While Dash gets the woman he picked up in the bar’s phone number, despite her insistence on things not getting above casual hook up status, Joanna picks the lock to her bedroom and spends some time with the girls. That gets interrupted, though, when Wendy and Frederick bring the king home; Joanna freaks out at the man she’s spent centuries avoiding being in her home. However, she lets him do his thing with the girls and after a quick chant, the two rise from the dead with their selves still in tact. Ingrid comforts her mother after mentioning that her soul stayed in the house and knew about the suicide attempt, while Freya mentions that her soul was in the underworld, making the rescue from her grandfather all the more important. The king then suggests that today mark a new beginning for the Beauchamp family, seeing as how his body is breaking down, but not all members are too happy at the idea of letting him back into the fold.

Back in New York, Killian mentions Eva dying to the man who’s presumably the owner of the shop, something that doesn’t exactly get a positive response. The owner then produces two tarot cards in front of Killian – The Emperor and The Trickster – and tells him to place his hand over one. But when he does, he gets stabbed in the hand just as Eva’s great-granddaughter comes out of the back of the shop in order to heal his wound. The blade hat stabbed him gets placed in a flame and the owner claims to know why he’s there to begin with. Dash wakes up the following morning and calls Raven, the woman he met at the bar, in order to set up another encounter with her. It turns out, though, that she’s the FBI agent in charge of investigating the string of murders in East End and she just became aware of the body that washed up on shore. Back at the Beauchamp’s, Frederick explains that he’s trusting the king because of the change in his behavior while in Asgard and the fact that he brought Ingrid and Freya back. Not ready to believe the king is her for anything good, Joanna produces a key for the time door in her closet and tries to get the girls to come along with her; she has to go retrieve something from the past that will help their situation in the present, but while Freya and Wendy end up going along with her, Ingrid opts to stay in the present with her grandfather and Frederick.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Go…unless you want to join your sisters in the underworld.”
-“You’re such a pain in the ass.” “I love you, too.”
-“You wanna screw someone after prom, you got my number.”
-Was this week’s pre-credits sequence, with a primal Killian grabbing the fireplace poker to the sounds of something vaguely American Horror Story-ish, the coolest one of the season? Because I thought it was awesomely atmospheric and captured the type of energy that was still lingering following his fight with Dash.
-While I thought Joanna’s suicide attempt was quite powerful, both in terms of visuals (the gorgeous overhead shot of the tub becoming red) and character (the mother making the ultimate sacrifice, Wendy stepping up and being the rock that Joanna needed), I’m not sure why she did it when she’s supposed to be immortal. The whole thing with Joanna was that she’s been alive for a hell of a long time, forced to watch as her daughters die countless times, and this kind of felt like an emotional cheat – if Joanna’s been able to die all this time, what’s stopping enemies of the Beauchamps from storming into East End and taking her down? Her reputation? I can buy Joanna being desperate enough to see her girls that she tried anything she could think of to see them, but unless I’m overlooking something, it went against one of the main points of the show.
-Would it have been better if she tried to kill herself and nothing happened (e.g. she didn’t bleed or she bled and didn’t pass out)? Kind of a reminder of her situation and how the curse is still there despite Freya making it to 30 and the girls dying.
-For those curious, here’s what a botanica (aka the first word in the shop’s title) is. Cielo E Inferno, meanwhile, translates to Heaven and Hell.
-The king’s head replacing Tommy’s head was the most Witches of East End thing of this particular episode. It also reminded me of Jeepers Creepers.
-Bianca Lawson looking young enough to play her own great-granddaughter? I not only buy it, I think I made that joke before. But that was a very fun reveal nonetheless and something that kept the scene in the botanica just off-balance enough to work for me.
-It feels like we’re heading for another flashback-y episode, this time centered on Killian and Frederick in Asgard. Which I’m all for, since the first one of the season was such an interesting way of framing the Beauchamp family dynamic as well as the forces that continue to motivate them today.
-Also on the table after being brought up again: Wendy having one life left. She couldn’t give it to the girls, seeing as how only one would have been resurrected; the king brought up the possibility of giving her more lives; and she got a slap in the face when Tommy was taken from her, reminding her of her own mortality. The show is pointing toward Wendy going behind Joanna’s back and making a deal with the king in order to live longer, but would she even want additional lives after all the pain and destruction she’s had to deal with recently? Or is that going to motivate her to live smarter/better in the next batch of lives she manages to get from her father?
-Speaking of Wendy, I like that they didn’t give her and Tommy a happy ending. I mean, I’m not a heartless monster – it was sad for him to be a husk of his former self and I felt for Wendy realizing that she played a role in his death by not spelling him away from her. But I think this will be some interesting motivation for Wendy for the rest of the season and I don’t see Tommy’s death being in vein – she’ll learn something from this whole mess and even if she didn’t, Wendy got to be her true self with someone who loved her as she was, which is something not many people get to experience.
-This whole regenerating statue thing was very season one, in a good way. The whole episode did well in being just light enough following last week’s devastation while still taking everything that the characters were going through seriously.
-Is it too much to ask for a sequence in the underworld? Yeah, I know, special effects budgets and whatnot, but you can’t just dangle the possibility of Witches of East End Goes to Hell out there (both Freya’s visit to the underworld and the name of the botanica) and not eventually follow through. Pitch me your version of  the Witches underworld in the comments.
-So, Raven’s job with the FBI entails her picking up hot dudes in a bar and banging them in the storeroom? If ever there was an advertisement for the Bureau, this episode would be it, because that seems like a pretty sweet deal.
-Also, good on the show for avoiding them having sex in bed – I had so many undercover/under covers jokes just waiting to be unloaded. Also also, can we talk about Dash asking whether her ass was okay after their encounter in the storeroom? I mean, you could tell it was getting a bit rough before the first cutaway, but.
-During the first Raven/Dash conversation, I wrote down “magical dominatrix” since it seemed like she wanted him to take out his grief/pain through sex. While the storyline (thankfully) went another way, I would still probably watch a show about a magical dominatrix. Or a crew of magical dominatrices who focus primarily on mortal clientele. Coming next fall to The CW?
-Next week on Witches of East End: Joanna, Freya, and Wendy poke around in one of their past lives, while Dash finds out the truth behind Raven’s identity and Ingrid attempts to bond with her grandfather. Also, the episode is called “Poe Way Out,” so I hope that we get a guest appearance from the Masters of the Macabre himself.


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