Twisted 1.19 “A Tale of Two Confessions” RecapTwisted 1.19 “A Tale of Two Confessions” Recap
While the identity of the body mover and the missing Masterson are revealed on Twisted, Whitney's mother comes to town and Rico meets Andie's... Twisted 1.19 “A Tale of Two Confessions” Recap

twistedCharlie gets a visit from Kyle, who brings him to the ravine and begins asking him about the night of Vikram’s murder. Having already blamed his facial injuries on Danny on the way over, Charlie again brings up Danny when put under pressure, saying that he must have said something to inspire this visit and claiming that he went into a blind rage that resulted in Vikram’s death. Charlie then says that he was out in the woods that night to see Danny, who he hadn’t crossed paths with since juvie, and Chief Masterson simply thanks him for his testimony and warns him to stay away from Jo. Speaking of, while Jo catches Tess up on everything she’s been dealing with since Vikram died, Karen visits Jack in prison, with the latter wanting Danny to decide the outcome, to decide that he didn’t want to be like his father. All Jack wants is for Danny to have faith in the truth.

As Karen goes to leave the station, she runs into Eddie in the elevator and learns that Kyle has to meet with her regarding Danny. She then gets taken into the chief’s office where he informs her about Danny’s confession and the fact that he could be tried as an adult. As she comes face-to-face with her son after the confession, him admitting that he wanted to keep Jo out of this completely, Tess comes down on Kyle for allowing Jo to be interrogated by another detective; she believes that he should learn when to put the cop hat on and when to put the dad hat on, but since Jo was a witness to a major crime and could be brought up on accessory to murder charges, he’s not going to take any chances. Jo finishes her interview, apologizes to her father for the silence on her end, and heads home, where Charlie lurks behind a nearby tree.

Though Danny gets an ankle monitor and might just walk, considering there’s no evidence against him, he’s more concerned about Charlie’s whereabouts; however, Kyle warns him to stay away from Charlie, since that could be considered threatening a witness. Danny then gets reassurance from Jo that she believes him completely about Charlie, while Whitney’s mother shows up at the diner, telling her daughter that she’s taking her back to the city the following afternoon. However, Whitney rejects the idea and doesn’t want to go see her mother at the Green Grove Hotel. Later, Whitney packs and laments that she never gets to stay in one place for too long and that she cannot stand being in the city because of her mother’s boyfriend. She then confesses to Lacey that he came on to her and her mother wouldn’t listen. Elsewhere, Charlie jumps out from behind a tree on Jo, upset that she went ahead and came forward about what happened in the woods. Not only does she tell him that she knows Danny didn’t hit him, she warns him to stay out of her life.

Danny visits Jack in prison and gets positive encouragement toward his complicated relationship status with Jo, who is busy getting everything off her chest with Rico. The two haven’t exactly been close since Vikram died and he claims that he knew something was up when she wouldn’t let anyone in and when she began trying to join a plethora of school activities. Jo enjoys the feeling of confessing and in letting someone back into her life, but their reunion becomes short-lived when Rico sees that he’s late for his first meeting with Andie’s parents – late enough where he arrives as they finish dinner and Andie looks more upset with him than she ever has. After Rico leaves, Jo goes up to her room to find Danny already in there and he confesses that Lacey was right, that it’s always been Jo and that he’s no longer okay with being friends. When she goes speechless, he tells her that it’s okay for her to take some time to think and the two hug. All the while Charlie lurks outside the Masterson home.

The following day at school, Lacey and Jo talk about the latter coming forward and Danny being out after turning himself in. Lacey goes to talk to Whitney, whose mother has already de-enrolled her from Green Grove High, and can’t help but blurt out that Gretchen’s boyfriend came on to her daughter. Gretchen, however, knows about the accusations; she also knows that Whitney is a habitual liar from way back and that her daughter was kicked out of boarding school for skinny dipping with the Dean’s son. Jack comes running in, having just made bail, and doesn’t want Whitney to go to the city. Already annoyed by her daughter not wanting to come back, and the headache that would arise if she got back into the same orbit as Gavin, Gretchen leaves Whitney in Green Grove. Meanwhile, Danny and Jo plan to meet outside the library that night to talk about their relationship status, since a crowded, noisy high school hallway isn’t the best place to sort through feelings like these.

Tess and Karen, angry at Vikram for ruining both their lives, decide to never mention his name again and destroy his office desk with a sledgehammer. However, they find documents in a folder tucked into a secret compartment – documents that turn out to be check stubs to Dr. Robert M. Prinz, a country doctor whose practice is in Everton, near the farmhouse Tess gave birth in. While Charlie pops out and chloroforms Jo in the middle of the day, Danny comes to the police station to tell Kyle that Jo hadn’t shown up to the library like they planned. Kyle then receives a text that says Jo is at the diner studying with Rico – except that when Danny goes to the diner, he finds that Jo isn’t there after all and hadn’t been there all night. He came there in the aftermath of Lacey ending her friendship with Whitney and commiserating with Rico, with Lacey using an app on her phone to ping Jo’s cell phone. It turns out that Jo is in nearby Willoughby, where she’s on a dirty mattress in the home that Charlie claims he used to live in before his mother was murdered by Vikram Desai.

Charlie confesses that he’s the adopted son of Tara Desai and that she used to tell him to stay far away from Vikram and from Green Grove. When she was murdered, he was 13 and entered the foster system with the goal of killing Danny, as he thought that his sorta cousin was the person who took his mother away. As we know, Danny didn’t kill Tara and Charlie had to change his plan once he worked his way into being Danny’s roommate in juvie, a process that began with him stealing the car with the direct objective of entering the same facility Desai was housed in. All Danny talked about in juvie was Lacey, Jo, and Green Grove, so rather than kill him, Charlie decided to take his life, only he claims he fell in love with Jo after he moved to town. He was a sad girl dealing with so much inside, something he could relate to, but she tries to make a break for the door while he’s telling her all this. She’s not successful.

On the way to Willoughby are Lacey and Danny, who patch things up and realize that everything comes back to the friendship between them and Jo. At the Desais, Jack gets woken up by Whitney coming inside and after lamenting Charlie, who was working for them, going rogue, they admire the fact that they’re in with the Desais and that they’re in a pretty nice house. Danny and Lacey break into the house Jo’s being held and he tries to get Charlie to drop the knife being held at Jo’s throat. Kyle, who got Danny’s text regarding where Jo is, soon enters with his gun drawn and forces Danny back. But before anything can happen, Tess arrives, fresh from meeting with Dr. Prinz. She says that Kyle cannot shoot Charlie – he’s her son.

And then the gun goes off.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-How does Danny not know his cousin who lived within driving distance for 13 years? I get families not being close and I could possibly buy Danny repressing some of his memories in order to keep his demons at bay, but did he not at least know that Tara had a son named Charlie? How was this not brought up? As much as I like the show zigging when we thought they would zag when it came to Charlie, it’s all for naught when their decision makes no sense.
-Also, do the Masterson’s neighbors hate them? Because in a small town where information travels fast and everybody knows everybody’s business, I find it hard to believe that somebody hasn’t made mention of the boy lurking behind the tree in the Masterson yard. Or, for that matter, that Kyle hadn’t installed some type of security system, considering his profession and whatnot.
-Am I creepy for thinking it looked like Jack and Whitney were about to kiss in their last scene together? Although I dismissed how she looks too mature to be his daughter, I figured it was just a way to sex up the cast and give the show a “bad girl” character; had they taken advantage of that and made her and Jack lovers rather than father/daughter, I might have lost my mind, in a good way. That would have been a hell of a twist.
-Speaking of twists, Charlie wanted to bang his half-sister and it made me laugh. Granted, neither of them knew they were related, but it was one nice bit of camp to close a season that wasn’t always intentionally funny. While I appreciate the show not making the missing Masterson Whitney, c’mon, accidental incest is the greatest bait-and-switch ever. Go home, every other show.
-So, Jack was the one who moved the body. One of the things I’ve not liked about the show is that instead of having these revelations build to their conclusion and climax at peak intensity, the resolutions always fizzle out and make what was done to tease them out seem like the filler-est filler in all of filler-dom. I mean, you had someone very matter-of-factly state that they staged a car accident and moved a dead body and it was treated like somebody just ordered something at the diner. Zero stakes, this season had.
-Let’s talk about how Charlie seemed like he was on something when he went to the ravine. (“I thought…wow.”) What was that supposed to be, exactly? Him coming down from his manic episode? Because the slurry speech and him being unable to open his eyes read like a bad substance abuse PSA.
-I hate cliffhangers on shows that aren’t likely to return. Hate it, think it’s beyond disrespectful to your fan base, feels like a cheap way to goose out another season – a way that very rarely, if ever, actually works. But who do you think got shot? I’m 97% sure it’s Charlie, but wouldn’t it be something if this show was renewed and, say, Tess was shot? Or Danny grabbed the gun to kill Charlie?
-Despite all the silliness in the finale, when they let Charlie be a grounded character with mental problems and not a Christian-Slater-in-Heathers wannabe (what was that “Heyyyyy” when he jumped out on Jo) or a foaming-at-the-mouth psychopath, his entire storyline actually worked for me. I bought his motivation to go after Danny, his intelligence in working his way into Danny’s life, and his lingering torment regarding the death of his mother (especially when he related to Jo’s sadness) – it just all felt too little, too late. In television, it’s much more difficult to pull back than it is to continue going bigger and by pushing Charlie to absurd heights, they made the genuine emotional underpinning for his actions not matter. And that’s too bad, because there were ingredients for a solid antagonist here.
-This season got to a point where Rico began to feel like the guest star and not the several new additions the show made. His friendship with Lacey was promising, but it was never explored in any kind of depth, and without him being tethered to Jo, he was more a distraction than anything vital to the pulse of the show. I hate to say that, because I think the character is funny and a nice addition to the show, but he’s become so non-essential that I don’t know how he’d ever be written back into the fold.
-That being said, if Rico had tried to kiss Jo during their conversation on the couch, my head might have exploded. Enough with the angst, show. And that goes for every Danny/Jo scene, an entire storyline that felt mandated by ABC Family’s need for stupid romance over enthralling/believable plot.
-Thank you guys so much for following my recaps of Twisted this season. I thought the first half of the season was fairly promising, if imperfect, but the second half was such a step down in every regard. The friendship between Jo, Danny, and Lacey disappeared (I had to laugh when Lacey mentioned that it always came back to the friendship; someone should tell the people who write this show that); the mysteries had no stakes and no interesting leads/suspects to pick at; the mood of the winter season went from distinct and foreboding during the summer season to just another rote teen drama during the winter; Lacey was sidelined to an unreasonable degree; Rico’s relationship with Andie had no real purpose; Danny’s feelings for Jo were pulled from thin air; and the show never fully recovered from solving both Regina and Tara’s murders so quickly, a move I thought would reinvigorate the storytelling but which caused them to spin their wheels.
-As far as renewal goes, ABC Family is one of the hardest networks to read regarding when they make their actual decisions. While Ravenswood was cancelled 10 days following its winter finale, The Lying Game and Bunheads were made to wait upwards of four months before they received word about their fates, but with the network already ordering their next round of drama pilots and scheduling the final two episodes of the season on their own, I have a feeling that a decision will be made sooner rather than later.

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