Hindsight 1.10 “Auld Lang Syne” Recap Hindsight 1.10 “Auld Lang Syne” Recap
While Sean tries to persuade Paige to be his date to an art show on the season finale of Hindsight, Lolly walks in on... Hindsight 1.10 “Auld Lang Syne” Recap

hindsightLolly grabs her copy of Thermal and heads back to the apartment, only to walk in on Kevin and Becca kissing. She quickly throws together a bag of her things and leaves, warning Becca against following her; Kevin then quietly skulks out, leaving Becca to grapple with the situation by herself. Over the course of the following days, Becca leaves Lolly a series of apologetic voicemails telling her friend that she misses her and that she wants to talk to her. Of course, several are accompanied/influenced by alcohol, including one drunken song that doesn’t quite go as planned. The phone does end up ringing, but it’s not Lolly – it’s Kevin, who Becca hangs up on out of anger.

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, Melanie comes over bearing some dessert. She inquires whether Becca is still coming to her engagement party with Andy, which she assures her she is. Meanwhile, Noelle stops by Sean’s apartment in broad daylight, per his request; he didn’t allow her in when she came over the previous night, drunk and looking to select pieces to show. As the two view Sean’s artwork through sober eyes, Noelle informs him that she’s curating a 30 Under 30 show and that she’d like to pick a few pieces of his to put alongside the other aspiring talent. Sean calls Paige to tell her the good news, which she is excited about, but she doesn’t end up with good news of her own to tell him. The audition that she goes to doesn’t quite go as planned, as she can’t remember the entirety of her monologue, and she thinks she didn’t get the part after all. Elsewhere, Jamie and Stanton arrive back at their place to find that a break-in had occurred; not only is the thousands of dollars they had stashed gone, the prescription pad is nowhere to be seen. Seeing as how the pad can be traced back to Lincoln, Jamie begins worrying that he’ll get in trouble or, worse, his dad’s career will be negatively impacted.

Becca tries to find some peace by going to the Chinese place and reading, but Kevin ends up showing up. The two grab a bite together and trade Christmas horror stories, only for the talk to turn to their complicated relationship. He reiterates that she knows him better than anyone, but Becca refuses to relent; she doesn’t want to hurt Lolly or steer into the skid that is her past, so she rejects Kevin’s offer to go out and see how things go. Back at the apartment, Becca practices how she’s going to tell Lolly about her history with Kevin, yet she doesn’t have a chance to go into her whole spiel once Lolly gets back from her dad’s. Lolly calmly tells Becca that she overreacted to the kiss and that she shouldn’t stand in the way of them being together. Despite this, as well as Lolly’s call for honesty, Becca denies having feelings for Kevin and the issue seems to be dropped. Lolly is more concerned with finding a new boy to kiss on New Year’s Eve, quitting smoking in 1996, and getting Becca to unlearn her knowledge of Andy, which could result in an especially personal (but potentially awkward) wedding gift in the form of a John Steinbeck plate.

Becca makes it to the engagement party and quickly pounds champagne in order to loosen herself up. However, she can barely get through the door before Georgie critiques her for looking tired, compliments her for not marrying Sean, and implies that she’s ready to start her own life over – without Lincoln. Andy comes over and congratulates her on the R.E.M. article, which he did read, before apologizing for the kerfuffle at Thanksgiving. However, when she gets awkward about the present she brought, he takes the package and leaves, allowing Lincoln to come check out his daughter. Meanwhile, Jamie shows up at Lolly’s looking for Becca. Lolly brings up the roll of money she found at the holiday party, which Jamie claims came from his blackjack winnings; he’s especially anxious and irritable around her, chewing her out when she offers to stay with him and loudly informing her that she can’t help him out of this situation. After he storms out, Lolly heads to work, where she’s too busy worrying about Jamie to really do anything. She breaks down in front of Sebastian, saying that Jamie was doing so good before now, and things are made worse when Kevin comes by trying to apologize and make things right between them. He assures Lolly that a relationship with Becca is off the table and that she’s not even interested in being with him like that, as she’s a loyal friend. The two do agree to hang out, so things might be on the up and up.

Jamie arrives at the engagement party, still full of piss and vinegar; he came looking to be honest with Lincoln, but his father takes him aside and, before Jamie can say anything, tells him that he’s proud of him. Lincoln loves that Jamie has taken responsibility for himself and made the personal changes necessary for success, so Jamie can’t ruin the one time his father compliments him with possibly the worst thing he’s ever done. Back in the party, Andy gets the attention of the guests and informs them, along with Melanie, that there’s a surprise wedding that night – theirs. They bring up the judge they had in attendance and have a brief ceremony, leaving everyone in attendance stunned. The following day, Becca and Lolly still can’t believe what happened, with Becca especially bummed at the finality of the wedding. In the original timeline, Andy and Melanie didn’t get married because he would never commit to her like that, so them getting hitched this quickly is a sign that things have definitely changed. Becca might not know everything anymore, nor might she be able to prepare herself for what’s to come in 1995.

Andy and Melanie go through their wedding gifts and while Melanie is jazzed about blenders and thank you notes, Andy implies he feels they should have had a bigger ceremony and gets denied when he tries to put the moves on her. The gift that Becca gave them? A vase, as the plate she was going to give them was A) too Andy-specific and B) too personal. While in his apartment with Stanton, Jamie continues panicking about the missing prescription pad, Lincoln’s feelings of pride only compounding his worry. Lolly, of course, picks the wrong time to try and talk to him and incurs a pretty major blow-up from him; she leaves, hurt at how callous he can be, and heads to the bar, where she arrives just in time to learn that Paige got the part she auditioned for. It shoots for 12 weeks in Los Angeles and as she toasts with Lolly over beer, she tells her friend that when she got her big break, she always thought she would get out of town quickly and never look back. Since she has to be in Los Angeles in a few days, Paige decides not to go to the art show, disappointing Sean, who spends much of his night watching the door for her. Luckily, his time in the artosphere isn’t entirely in vain, as Noelle informs him that two of his pieces sold. Meanwhile, Becca and Kevin meet up and go for a walk, where they get caught in the rain. Once they find a dry spot, he comes on to her again and kisses her, meaning to assure her that she has nothing to be afraid of regarding their connection.

Becca ends up staying over with Kevin and up until 5:30 in the morning talking with him. Although he wants to be her New Years kiss, she stands firm in her loyalty to Lolly; Becca does, however, tell Kevin that she has no intention in walking away from what they have. When Sebastian arrives at the video store to open, he finds Jamie still on the couch from the night before. He had come over at 2:00 a.m., drunk out of his mind, and the two watched A Chorus Line together, a warning sign that Sebastian just can’t ignore. He confronts Jamie about his drinking and obvious need for help, citing Lolly’s worry as a reason for him to get it together. Meanwhile, Sean heads to the bar and learns from Paige that not only is she going to Los Angeles in a matter of days, she doesn’t believe that the universe wants them together. He, of course, doesn’t accept that and leaves her with a sarcastic good luck wish, only to accept Noelle into his place that night. Granted, she was waiting for him at 11:00 and didn’t have any alcohol in her system, which doesn’t technically break his wish to not do drunken hookups, but still, it’s a reaction to the heartbreak he suffered from Paige’s rejection.

Jamie goes to Lincoln’s and confesses to the missing prescription pad, causing his father to bristle and claim that his son was beyond help. He then heads to the New Years Eve party that Lolly and Becca, fresh from squaring away the 5:30 deal, are attending, though his only concern is Lolly. He warns her that he might be going away for a while and tells her he loves her one more time before he leaves. Kevin shows up not long after and Lolly is initially supportive of spending the evening with her two friends who just so happen to like each other. That is, until Kevin informs her that Becca seemingly knows everything about him and that their connection is unlike anything he’s experienced. Lolly becomes upset because Becca is using her knowledge of the past to influence her connection with Kevin and meets her friend outside to talk about what’s going on. The two have it out over the situation, with Becca trying to explain the role that Kevin played in her own past (sounding board during her rocky years with Sean) and Lolly irate at 2003 Becca going behind 2003 Lolly’s back for six months before coming out with it. Becca, she argues, chose not to stop it and cannot undo what happened because it already happened; she can’t be friends with someone capable of something like this, so after calling Becca a bad person, Lolly storms off.

Although Becca wants to go after Lolly, she’s haunted by memories of her 1995 missteps, moments that prove to herself that she’s a bad person. She then rushes to the elevator she had her first time travel experience in and screams that she wants to go back before ending up crumpled against the back wall. Just then, the doors open and a bright light enters the elevator.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Don’t look so surprised. I can read.”
-“What am I doing with my life? Is there a God? Does Jordan Catalano really love me?”
-“Look, I care about you in a way that’s totally appropriate and non-sexual.”
-“I’m so glad I traveled back in time to be with you.”
-“I can’t be friends with someone who has this inside them.”
-Non-Exhaustive List of 90s Songs Included on Hindsight: U2 “Numb”; Ace of Base “Beautiful Life”; Sheryl Crow “I Shall Believe”; Enigma “Return to Innocence”; White Zombie “More Human than Human”; Blues Traveler “Hook”.
-In case you missed it: I argued why VH1 should renew Hindsight.
-Here’s an interview with creator Emily Fox that TV Line did. It has a lot of interesting thoughts on the finale and what the show would look like if it were renewed.
-Was Paige auditioning for a low budget vampire movie? Am I wrong for kind of wanting to see that play out if the show were to be renewed? I’m a sucker for winking parodies of/nods to stuff like that and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce didn’t give me enough Blood Sisters (a CW parody about twin sisters, where one is a vampire slayer and the other is a vampire).
-I like that Sean is the person who benefitted most from Becca’s time travel. (You could argue Melanie is up there, but Andy seems a bit too antsy in his marriage for her getting him down the aisle to be a total win.) Without his marriage to weigh him down, he was able to get in touch with his creative side and find the success that eluded him in Becca’s past; it’s likely the lack of success he previously experienced negatively impacted his marriage (knocked down his self-esteem, caused resentment toward Becca to fester), so Sean might be ready for and open to a long-term relationship now that his professional life is strong and his self-esteem is flourishing.
-Very fun sequences with Becca doing her voicemails and practicing what she would say to Lolly. Laura Ramsey is a fabulous dramatic actress, but I think she’s just as gifted in the lighter and more comedic moments of the show.
-Why would Jamie think that hiding his money in a book would keep people from finding it? A cut out book is one of the most obvious hiding spots out there and drug addicts/fellow drug dealers are smart enough to know that. Or, at least, desperate enough to search until they find it. I mean, I’ve never done a drug in my life and I think I could out drug deal Jamie.
-Here’s some Jordan Catalano. Just ’cause.
-I loved the parallels between 1995 and 2014 in the final montage. Concrete proof that as much as Becca tried to change her past, she only succeeded in making her present all the more difficult.
-I’m guessing next season we see Georgie and Lincoln divorce, another milestone that Becca was unable to prevent. Granted, that’s not been high on her list of priorities, but it’s still another major Brady family event that had to happen in the future. It’s not the way it originally happened, though that’s proven to not matter to the universe. All that matters is that it happened and the Brady history is on schedule to repeat itself, with some slight variation along the way.
-Andy was the only person who congratulated Becca on her article. (And read it.) Things with Lolly were too sour for anything like that to happen, while Kevin, Jamie, Georgie, and Lincoln never said anything about it. Throwing that out there.
-I found the “honeymoon” moments with Melanie and Andy to be quite sad. There was just something about Andy’s behavior that read like he’s so uncomfortable being married to Melanie right now; I don’t know if he just tried to make it work because of what happened with Becca or what, but there was something on his mind aside from disappointment at a quickie wedding.
-Shout out to this show for giving Sebastian a good emotional moment. He’s been funny in his brief appearances, but I liked seeing him humanized a bit and his feelings for Lolly backed up by action instead of obsession or jealousy. Also, the other time he and Jamie hung out, which seemed like a fairly inconsequential moment, helped make this more poignant.
-Maybe Jamie losing the prescription pad is what really saves his life. He gets forced in getting help and confronting his addiction, with Lincoln being made aware of what his son did way sooner than what originally happened in Becca’s life. Maybe this is the good that can come out of this entire situation, but then again, Jamie survived into 2014 anyway, so the universe might just be course correcting because of Becca’s interference.
-I will say, though, that his goodbye to Lolly was very cryptic. Like, I wouldn’t be especially shocked if he overdoses out of grief over what he did to his dad and the current state of his life.
-I don’t know, I kind of thought it was a dick move for Kevin to show up to the New Years party. That should’ve been a time for Lolly and Becca to enjoy themselves (Becca even explicitly said that she was going to be Lolly’s date that night) and not worry about the drama between them; they didn’t need a living, breathing reminder of the knife’s edge their friendship had been on recently. And bragging about how good things were with Becca to someone who he just had to let down easily didn’t read right with me.
-That final fight was amazing, though. It was wholly in character for Lolly to be upset at Becca not being honest about what happened in her past and being so vain as to think she could control the future. How venomous and hateful she was toward Becca, especially with the line about not wanting a friend with that inside them, makes me think that the act she put on about being okay with Becca and Kevin was just that – an act. It felt like she had been holding everything in for quite a while and finally got to unleash it once she realized that there was no coming back from this.
-Plus, it was a nice parallel to what actually happened in Becca’s past, with some of her original conversation with Lolly seeping in.
-This episode felt very series finale-y, with the “Maybe in another life” and “See you on the other side” lines, in addition to the double montage at the end of the episode. Fingers crossed that it was just well-bookended and that we get to see who was on the other side of the elevator.
-Well, you guys, this is the end of the KSiteTV coverage of Hindsight season one. Thank you so much for hanging with me and reading my recaps each week. I really grew to love this show more than I ever thought I would and admittedly, I’d be kind of devastated if these 10 episodes were all we got. In addition to featuring one of my favorite friendships on television, this show has a lot to say about regret, loss, and personal responsibility – things that have been expressed with a certain amount of elegance and intelligence. It’s the type of television we need right now and I’m hopeful that there’ll be more of it come January 2016.

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