Hindsight 1.09 “All I Want for Christmas Is You” Recap Hindsight 1.09 “All I Want for Christmas Is You” Recap
While Lolly hosts a party in a bid to get over Kevin on Hindsight, Becca's success is complicated in ways she dreaded. Hindsight 1.09 “All I Want for Christmas Is You” Recap

Becca meets Kevin on a rainy day and tells him that she can’t do this anymore. Their relationship isn’t fair to Lolly and she’s become consumed by the guilt she feels at betraying her former best friend.

The afternoon following the rave, Becca, Kevin, and Lolly try to stir around and get their wits about them. After flirting with Becca and telling her that he had fun because he was with the two prettiest girls in the city last night, Kevin helps Lolly wake up by blaring some music and bringing her some water. Her jaw is sore from the ecstasy and from telling a three-hour story about pogs, while Kevin slept on the floor to avoid awkwardness and keep Lolly from having to deal with his fidgetiness. He can’t stay in because he has to run errands, though he agrees to dinner that night at a local Chinese place. Meanwhile, Sean wakes up to find Noelle admiring his work. Already sensitive about strangers viewing his art, he’s dealt a fairly major blow when she calls him “talented but unfocused”; she sees that he’s capable of greatness, but Sean actively detests making art for commerce sake. And that’s not the best quality to have as a new artist where you might have to do things you’re not passionate about in order to get ahead. Noelle does, though, invite him to a showing that night of a client she helped discover, a showing where industry people are expected to attend.

Becca checks in on Lolly as she gets ready for her date with Kevin. She’s going all out appearance-wise in hopes of impressing him, but Becca kills the vibe when she learns that Lolly never actually confessed her feelings the previous night. She merely kissed Kevin and assumed that said everything she needed to; Becca gets Lolly to agree to be honest with Kevin over dinner, though the thought makes the latter nervous – nervous enough that Becca has to finish doing her makeup. Over dinner, Lolly sings along to a Letter to Cleo song and takes anxious sips of her drink while struggling to find the words to tell Kevin how she feels. When she does find a way to spit out the truth, using a fortune cookie to provide emotional distance between her and her words, she gets rejected, with Kevin saying that he only thinks of her as a sister. The following morning, Becca takes Kevin up to the roof and comes down on him for making Lolly cry all night. She doesn’t believe that he didn’t know she had feelings and he does admit that not pushing her away at the rave was a mistake – a mistake that cost him a place to live, as Becca tells him that he needs to find somewhere else to live.

Later that day, Becca visits an obviously down Lolly at Sex, Lies, & Videotape and promises to take her to drinks and out shopping. When it becomes clear that Lolly Day wouldn’t be enough, she throws in a party at her parents’ place, which seems to do the trick. Becca then heads to work where she finds Chester freaking out over the viral marketing. It’s worked well enough to land Thermal a spot in the Village Voice, but with great press comes great expectations and there’s more pressure on the magazine to be successful than there was before this campaign. It doesn’t help that Lolly decided to make the party a combination Christmas/magazine launch event; her intentions might’ve been sweet, as this will be a way to honor Becca for becoming published, but it’s only increased Chester’s blood pressure. Elsewhere, Sean finds Paige on the street and tells her that he wishes she could come to the event with him tonight, as she’s the type of wing man he needs in situations like this. However, Paige blows him off, calling him self-centered before walking away.

Lolly returns home to find Kevin ready to move out. He inadvertently mentions that he talked to Becca about the situation and that this doesn’t change anything between them before taking his stuff and heading to his new place. Lolly, though, is extremely upset at Becca for butting into her business when Kevin is off limits. For her part, Becca claims to be worried about Lolly and brings up that she wasn’t able to handle Kevin on the couch, much less her floor. In order to get some space and prep the party, Becca goes to her parents’ and runs into Jamie, who’s gotten a hair cut and wardrobe upgrade since the last time she saw him. He’s been back in the United States for the past week and has a new job working for Stanton’s dad, which helps pay for the extra semester of school he needs. When she tries to explain the situation with Lolly, he advises her to apologize to her friend and be the bigger person, as it sucks being rejected. She should have a little more compassion for Lolly having to deal with this and Becca thanks him for his insight.

Noelle brings Sean to a loft showing for Diego, the client that she claims to have discovered. She then tells Sean that she could do great things for him, similar things to what she’s done for Diego. He decides to check out some more art in the meantime and discovers through talking to other patrons at the show that Noelle isn’t the one who discovered Diego; it’s David Shay, who Sean sees Noelle arguing with. Combined with the comment that David likes ’em young, he deduces that Noelle brought him here to make her sugar daddy jealous. Over at Becca’s, she puts together a cereal Christmas tree for Lolly that washes away the tension between them. The party turns out to be guy-heavy, which makes Lois happy and disappoints Sebastian, but the appearance of one guy in particular puts Becca on edge – Kevin. She drags Lolly into the study and inquires as to why Kevin, of all people, was invited. Lolly figures that she wants to have fun and cut loose while looking hot around a bunch of hot guys; if one of those guys happens to include Kevin, then so be it. Becca does, however, run into Kevin and seems to squash some tension between them when she assures him that they’re okay after their incident on the roof.

Sean ends up confronting Noelle about David Shay and the feeling that he was being used to make someone else jealous. She doesn’t get a chance to explain herself before he storms out of the event, leaving her nursing a drink at the bar. Back at the party, Jamie finds Lolly and lets her know that he’s willing to do whatever she needs in order to make Kevin jealous. Chester and Victoria, Becca’s bosses at Thermal, show up for the free drinks, but Chester is particularly nervous about the magazine’s impending debut. He quit a job at the New Yorker in order to make Thermal happen, so he’s anxious about the success of the magazine; if it doesn’t happen for him, he’ll regret ever getting it off the ground. Becca gets something else to think about when Paige calls her on the look on her face when she sees Kevin. Given her history in the service industry, Paige knows what it looks like when people are into one another, but Becca denies it and deflects when Paige watches Sean walk into the party. Even though things might still be a little weird between them, Becca goes over to Sean and gives him advice about Paige, who still won’t talk to him. Echoing what Jamie told her about Lolly, Becca advises Sean to apologize to her and be the bigger person. He then kisses her on the cheek below the mistletoe and heads off to fix his personal life.

Jamie and Lolly’s attempt at making Kevin jealous seems to work, as the fisherman gets drawn over to her on the couch. However, it turns out that he’s giving her his goodbyes, as he’s leaving the party. He claims that he has an early morning the next morning, but when he kisses her under the mistletoe before leaving, it’s on the forehead. Becca initially goes to comfort Lolly, but she reluctantly joins Chester and Victoria in hunting down copies of Thermal at the local newsstands, as they’re supposed to be set out at midnight. Instead, Lolly leans on Jamie and delights in his insults of Kevin. After one particular remark, she kisses him and the two go to his bedroom to rekindle their romance. Meanwhile, Sean finds Paige n the roof and the two have a moment of honesty, as Paige lets him know that she’s angry with him because he hooked up with Noelle. She likes him, but she’s not used to letting her guard down; Sean then kisses her and confirms that he likes her, too.

Every issue of Thermal at Becca’s local newsstand sold out within 30 minutes of being put out, causing Chester and Victoria to kiss. Back at the apartment, Lolly immediately regrets hooking up with Jamie, though even she is a little hurt/surprised when he simply kisses her on the forehead and goes to take a shower. Additionally, the bundle of money that falls onto the floor indicates that the new Jamie might not have formed through completely legitimate means. Jamie returns to his place with Stanton with a new prescription pad, while Sean calls Paige and leaves a message before she gets home. However, when he got home, he gets confronted by Noelle, who explains that David Shay is not her sugar daddy – he’s her father. The reason she lied about Diego was to try and seem like a big shot in the art world, with Sean’s presence at the showing meant to help convince her father that she has an eye for talent. David did agree to look at Sean’s work and Noelle invites herself in to pick some pieces to show him.

While out, Lolly finds a copy of Thermal and beams when she gets to Becca’s article. Meanwhile, Kevin finds Becca on the roof and informs her that though he wishes he felt the same as Lolly, he does have feelings for someone – her. He feels as if he’s know her all his life and he sees the way she looks at him, as well. Even though Becca says that he sounds crazy, he kisses her.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Pog stories? That’s such an oddly specific side effect.”
-“Don’t worry, my three-way shoes are in the closet.”
-“If all goes well, he won’t be the only one sleeping on the floor tonight.”
-“I’m like a sister. We’re all grotesque in our own ways.”
-“Um…cereal tree.”
-“But I like you in my hair…”
-“Do girls get flowers for each other?”
-“You dirty up nice.”
-“Mistletoe. It’s one toe.”
-Non-Exhaustive List of 90s Songs Included on Hindsight: Letters to Cleo “Here and Now”Haddaway “What Is Love”; Soul Asylum “Runaway Train”; Live “Lightning Crashes”; Frente! “Labour of Love”; UB40 “Can’t Help Falling in Love”; Blues Traveler “Run Around”; Ini Kamoze “Here Comes the Hotstepper”; Skee-Lo “I Wish”Annie Lennox “No More I Love Yous”. No, the song from which the title got its name was not played. Yes, I am saddened by this.
-The most powerful thing about this episode was the end kiss between Kevin and Becca. Not necessarily for couple/”ship” reasons – because it shows that Becca is a certain level of powerless against her past. She can’t completely redefine her life like she thought, nor can she completely escape the pain that she wanted to avoid, which is an interesting way of maneuvering through the time travel issue. It’s especially sad because the main reason she was so adamant about staying in 1995 was the preservation of her friendship with Lolly and it looks like that might not be possible to save after all.
-The 2004 flashback was pretty effective, in that you saw part of what drove Becca’s guilt. There was the guilt from falling for Kevin, but she essentially torpedoed the most important relationship in her life for a one-year romance, so I think she’s angry at herself for letting things get to where they got.
-Becca quoting Long Duk Dong from 16 Candles was oddly hilarious. I guess since this show has been so focused on 90s nostalgia, I didn’t expect any 80s references to come through, let alone something like that.
-I’ve done the “sing along to something while feeling really nervous” on a date before. Mine was a Fergie song, though, so Lolly is clearly cooler than me.
-Was this the first time we heard Victoria’s name? I know we knew Chester because of the insurance agent Becca interviewed with, but I don’t think Victoria has ever been a named character.
-Nice use of Sebastian this week. He’s like the weird, lovelorn Greek chorus that this show needed.
-Second episode in a row without Andy or Melanie. It makes sense, given that they’re still basking in the glow of being engaged and neither want anything to do with Becca, but I’m curious as to how they’ll be brought back into the fold. Or if they’ll even be featured in the next episode, given how the focus of the show has shifted from Sean/Andy to Kevin.
-It feels like we’re headed for a Lolly/Jamie blow up thanks to her finding the bundle of money. Jamie might be the worst drug dealer ever, though, because what dealer in their right mind who wants to remain inconspicuous bounds their money in the most drug dealer-y way possible? Get a wallet.
-Lolly going out and getting an issue of Thermal made Kevin kissing Becca all the more difficult to watch. It’s going to be that much more of a blindside when she finds out what happened and it might hurt even more than it did the first time, knowing that Kevin didn’t have feelings for her after all. By pushing Lolly to be honest with Kevin, Becca might have hurt her friend more than if she had let everything play out as it were.
-It’s nice to see Lois again. A tiny bit disappointed we didn’t hear what happened with the swingers, though. Also nice: a mention of Hot Todd. He’s still hot, I presume.
-I kind of expected a Xavier sighting at the newsstand, but I guess time travel guardians are less likely to loiter than I thought.
-Jamie’s hair cut looked nice. Just thought I’d toss that out there.
-Diego is on coke, right? That nose wipe said it all.
-I buy that Sean is really that clueless with women. Guys that look like that typically aren’t good at reading women because they’ve never had to be; they get by on charm, edge, and appearance, so none of the three working for them causes much confusion. I do like that he eventually got it together (it’s a parallel to Becca’s journey, in that he gained some self-awareness and became more bold in his personal life), even if it looks like he’s about to self-sabotage with Noelle. Another thing with guys like that: they have very little self-control, so a hook up with Noelle right after patching things up with Paige wouldn’t surprise me. It’d be disappointing, though.
-Okay, you guys, we’re now down to the season finale. If you want a second season of Hindsight, please be sure that you’re watching the show through VH1.com, the VH1 app, or your cable provider’s on-demand service, as those show tangible evidence that this show has an audience. (Plus, VH1 has actively promoted each avenue to watch Hindsight, so the amount of views it has on the app and on-demand are important. If they weren’t, VH1 wouldn’t have mentioned them at all.) If you DVR, please don’t skip the commercials – TV is made to sell stuff and if VH1 doesn’t think Hindsight has enough people watching the commercials, they won’t keep it around. You can purchase episodes of the show through iTunes, which is another totally valid way of supporting it. Money talks in the TV world and VH1 needs to see that making more of this show would be a profitable venture. Make some noise on social media, either by live tweeting the finale or hitting up the VH1 social media accounts to tell them why Hindsight deserves a second season.
-Next week on Hindsight: It’s the season finale and while Lolly witnesses Becca kissing Kevin, Sean showcases his work at an art show.

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