Advance Review: Nikita Begins Her Final Run Tonight With “Wanted” Advance Review: Nikita Begins Her Final Run Tonight With “Wanted”
Advance review of the Nikita season premiere episode Wanted Advance Review: Nikita Begins Her Final Run Tonight With “Wanted”

Warning: SPOILERS might be discussed within.

Tonight (November 22) begins the first episode of the last season of Nikita. The final season comprises of only six episodes which begin on The CW this evening. The new season picks up a few months after where Season 3 left off, with Nikita as a wanted woman for assassinating the President. But, to her, and even some in the media, the whole situation doesn’t seem to add up.

WantedTo this end, Nikita tries to find allies to get the message back that she didn’t kill the President, hopefully also getting answers while she’s at it. She might find allies at the Equinox News Network, a fictional version of FOX News or MSNBC. But with the FBI so aggressively chasing after her and Amanda lurking in the shadows, will she have much luck?

Every season of Nikita feels like something different, and I mean that in a good way. The show evolved to a point where Nikita’s “team” became a very important part of the show, and they still are important, even if they aren’t necessarily together physically. I got a huge smile when, in a high-stress situation, Nikita still has the habit of calling Birkhoff “Nerd.” I don’t know if we’re allowed to reveal whether or not there is a “Mikita” reunion just yet, but I will say those fans should think positive thoughts, because their reunion may come sooner than you may think.

I have only two things I didn’t like about the first hour. One is that the Alex storyline, although important (I guess) for the overall mythology of Season 4, was a bit boring, though there is a good surprise there. I would have still preferred more of seeing Nikita eluding the FBI. The other complaint: there are only six of these!! I do acknowledge that six is better than nothing, and that this probably means we’ll get six strong episodes with no filler, but I really wish Nikita had gotten a final 22-episode run. Still, this is an entertaining hour and worth checking out tonight.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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