Advance Review: Laura Vandervoort Gets Bitten On Syfy & Space Advance Review: Laura Vandervoort Gets Bitten On Syfy & Space
Advance review of the pilot episode of Bitten, which is titled Summons Advance Review: Laura Vandervoort Gets Bitten On Syfy & Space

Before I get to my review of the new werewolf drama Bitten, I will admit a bias: Having watched Laura Vandervoort in Smallville and V, I’m very happy to see her in a new series. As such, I might be a little bit skewed toward liking this because I like Laura so much. If you hadn’t heard the news, then, yes, Laura is back on television, with her own show, in a new werewolf series with a different twist – the lead werewolf character is a woman. It is based on the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s Women Of The Underworld series.

Bitten - Season 1The show premieres Monday, January 13 at 10PM on Syfy, and the first thing you’ll see is that this is not a show for younger audiences. In fact, our first glimpse of Laura’s Elena character shows off more of her than I think we ever saw on Smallville. The sexuality on the show is at times gratuitous to the point of making me a little bit uncomfortable – but that might just be because I’m an overgrown child who likes his TV more “all ages.”

Perhaps it is the Toronto-filmed setting but some of the imagery in the series reminds me of another recent favorite, Orphan Black – both shows have female leads who aren’t defined as being “so and so’s girlfriend,” even though Elena is in a relationship here and of course Sarah more or less has Paul on that other series. Transformations on the show look cool and it seems a lot of characters have many layers. I feel like, from just seeing the pilot, I haven’t really connected much to the supporting cast, though there are definitely characters that I’d like to learn more about… I know as far as Elena’s family and her pack, it should be an interesting conflict for her, and Laura plays it well.

On a final note, Bitten features some really well designed opening credits that set the tone and the mood. More shows can and should learn from this.

Below you can find a trailer for Bitten in case you’d like to see more. Bitten premieres Monday night on Syfy in the United States, and tonight (January 11) at 9PM (ET) in Canada on SPACE.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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