Advance Review: Cougar Town Returns Tonight With “All Or Nothin'” Advance Review: Cougar Town Returns Tonight With “All Or Nothin'”
Advance review of the premiere for Cougar Town Season 5 Advance Review: Cougar Town Returns Tonight With “All Or Nothin'”

Here’s a confession that most TV critic types probably won’t want you to know: We don’t get to see everything. Even the stuff with penny cans that people seem to love. As such, I have to admit… I had not seen Cougar Town since the series pilot however many years ago. But, having been presented with a screener of tonight’s Season 5 premiere, “All Or Nothin’,” which airs at 10PM (ET) on TBS, I was able to reunite with this group of characters.

24048_001_0048_R_50779_6085_low.jpgMy initial impression of Cougar Town was not bad; I just fell under a swamp of other TV and didn’t keep up. In the intervening years, the characters and the ensemble have grown to be a bit more solid, and the show ended up moving to cable’s TBS, who seem to hold it tightly as one of their best gems. As they should, because there’s clever writing and a nice cast.

If you’re like me and haven’t seen the show in a while, the season premiere will get you up to speed on what’s going on and what recent couple might be making Jules very uncomfortable. Her reaction to this new pairing is a big story pusher throughout this episode. Also within, Bobby runs into some money and Grayson expects him to finally pay his bar tab with some of it. Oh, and there’s that creepy bald guy whose name I didn’t catch, who keeps showing up at the window, and… he doesn’t count, does he?

I’ll agree with everyone who thinks “Cougar Town” is an inappropriate title for the show, but it was an enjoyable half hour… or, however long it is without commercials. If you haven’t visited Gulfhaven in a while, you’d probably be welcomed back just as I was.

Cougar Town Season 5 premieres at 10PM (ET) Tuesday, January 7 on TBS.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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