Advance Review: Arrow’s “Heir To The Demon” Is One Of The Series’ Best Advance Review: Arrow’s “Heir To The Demon” Is One Of The Series’ Best
Advance review of the Arrow episode Heir to the Demon, airing February 5 on The CW Advance Review: Arrow’s “Heir To The Demon” Is One Of The Series’ Best

Around this time last year, an episode of The CW’s Arrow titled “The Odyssey” changed relationships for the series and also altered the quality of the show in a very positive way. Tonight’s episode of Arrow, which is titled “Heir To The Demon,” might do many of the same things, even though the season as a whole has been very strong.

Heir to the Demon(Be warned, some minor, non-show-ruining spoilers are being discussed in this post)

The first thing you see in “Heir To The Demon” is Katrina Law’s Nyssa Raatko arriving at the Vancouver Starling City airport. Nyssa, for those familiar to the comics, is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. Yep, the guy from Batman Begins, who also had memorable appearances on the Batman animated series as well as some classic comic books drawn by Neal Adams. Law is beautiful, she can fight, and she can act — I really was watching this wondering why no one had ever cast her as Wonder Woman. I was not familiar with her work on Spartacus but I can honestly say she is a great addition to the Arrow story.

Heir to the DemonNyssa is headed to Starling City to bring Sara Lance back to the League of Assassins. Sara, of course, is over the whole killing thing, and her bigger priority seems to be making sure her family is safe in Starling City. We get flashbacks to a time when the Lance family was happier, and Alex Kingston returns as Dinah Lance with a line that I am going to just assume is a reference to her Doctor Who character River Song’s profession. Dinah is also around in the present day, having returned to the city after Laurel has collapsed in her apartment.

Heir to the DemonThe Queen family gets a lot of the spotlight in the series in general, but this episode isn’t just about the Queen family; the Lance family is just as much a part of the tapestry that is Arrow, and they get quite a bit of spotlight and good material here. Paul Blackthorne deserves a special shout-out here, because he’s doing such an incredible job as a father who would do anything for his daughters, even when they spiral out of control. Not to be undone, we do also finally get our first hints about Felicity’s family within as well! I appreciate that this character put all of its series regulars to good use here, except perhaps for Diggle (who is fairly quiet) and Roy (who ended up on the cutting room floor, sadly). On that note, Moira’s mayoral campaign is also a part of this episode, and some of her secrets are more easily revealed than she may like for them to be. Moira is an interesting counter-balance to what we see from Quentin Lance — she, too, would do anything she can to protect her children, but she has sneakier, more manipulative ways of trying to make that happen.

Heir to the DemonThere are some guaranteed shocking moments that will explode Twitter, and I’m pretty sure no one will predict the way this all ends. Me? I found this to be one of the best episodes of the entire series from top to bottom. The cast was on fire, the writing was top-notch, and the action and stunt work get high marks. Just wait until you see Nyssa’s very trapeze-like arrival!

“Heir To The Demon” airs tonight at 8PM on The CW. Come by our Arrow portal, GreenArrowTV, after the show for some discussion with the producers and Katrina Law about all that happened, and also be sure to take a look at some promo images here!


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