DC Comics' Raven is now another contender to replace Smallville on The CW.

Raven DC ComicsThe search for a Smallville replacement continues…

Talk of a Blue Beetle TV project has been quiet for a little while, nothing more came of the possible Eric Kripke Sandman, and David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman hasn’t even landed at a network yet, but now, The CW is looking to one of the Teen Titans for a possible TV series, according to Variety.

The trade is reporting that V’s Diego Gutierrez is writing and executive producing a script based on DC Comics’ Raven, “a half-demon also known as Rachel Roth” who has empathic abilities and “divine secrets.”

Raven was a featured player in the recent Teen Titans cartoon series, and it might be worth noting that Gutierrez was going to be one of the contributors to the sadly never aired but very popular WB TV series based on the Warren Ellis comic book Global Frequency.

While – hooray! – any more comics-related projects are great, wouldn’t it be a better idea to shoot for a lead character who’s a little more well-known or at least has headlined more than the occasional comic book mini-series? Or is that part of the appeal – the fact that outside of the Titans, the character is virtually unknown? An initial look at Twitter responses seems to show a positive response… so maybe “bigger is better” doesn’t apply here.

Stay tuned for more information when and if it becomes available.

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