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Another DC Comics To TV Project? The CW Looks Into Raven

Raven DC ComicsThe search for a Smallville replacement continues…

Talk of a Blue Beetle TV project has been quiet for a little while, nothing more came of the possible Eric Kripke Sandman, and David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman hasn’t even landed at a network yet, but now, The CW is looking to one of the Teen Titans for a possible TV series, according to Variety.

The trade is reporting that V’s Diego Gutierrez is writing and executive producing a script based on DC Comics’ Raven, “a half-demon also known as Rachel Roth” who has empathic abilities and “divine secrets.”

Raven was a featured player in the recent Teen Titans cartoon series, and it might be worth noting that Gutierrez was going to be one of the contributors to the sadly never aired but very popular WB TV series based on the Warren Ellis comic book Global Frequency.

While – hooray! – any more comics-related projects are great, wouldn’t it be a better idea to shoot for a lead character who’s a little more well-known or at least has headlined more than the occasional comic book mini-series? Or is that part of the appeal – the fact that outside of the Titans, the character is virtually unknown? An initial look at Twitter responses seems to show a positive response… so maybe “bigger is better” doesn’t apply here.

Stay tuned for more information when and if it becomes available.

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  1. This is a dumb idea if aquaman didnt work how is a teen titan nobody going to draw people the majority of people dont have a clue who she is they should just turn the justic league into a tv show that way we get welling and other back from time to time

  2. Supernatural is waning and this would be a perfect fill-in to go with that show. With Raven, you can tap the whole vampire/werewolf/supernatural angle that is still popular and bring in the young female target audience which is the main audience for most of CW’s shows (do any males watch One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl or 9021blOws). Also, you will possibly get some male audience from DC fanbois if this ends up having Teen Titan crossovers.

    I think this is a good move for CW as a network, but not the one I would want. Letting the Green Arrow hit the road in his own series would be a great show.

  3. i like this idea…i only know Raven from Teen Titans and i really liked her backstory in the 4th season.

    This could work out well because it would give the writers a bit more freedom with storylines and allow them enhance her already established stoylines without getting the amount of anger from the hoards of fans like Superman has.

    This could definitely be paired off with either Supernatural or the Vampire Diaries next season. I would say VD would be better because it has the largest audience on the network and i don’t think premiering a show on Fridays would be good, until it can get a strong audience first.

    hopefully this works out.

  4. I like how the green arror on smallville is portrayed but im really not sure if that show could stand the test of time exspecially now that his identity is public unless they do a prequel to him showing up on smallville. He is a great supporting character on smallville but at the same time smallville has really messed with his story alot they merged queen industries with luthor corp i guess that could be fixed easily with the return of lex taking back whats his but I mean what are they going to do about him being public unless the whole darkseid angle gets resolved with a mass mind wipe which i hope doesnt happen

  5. They should definatly just make a green arrow spinoff. they have done a really good job with him on smallville and have laid the foundations for the character to work really well in a lead role. all they would need to do is somehow make his identity secret again and have green arrow move to star city. that would definatly be the best idea for a smallville type spinoff.

  6. How do you apply to audition for this thing?

  7. W00t! Raven!! :D

  8. Oh my god, yes. PLEASE.
    Thank you.
    I am a big teen titans fan, both comics and the cancelled cartoon.
    I just want the show to come back or at least something that has to do with the teen titans.
    Raven has always been my favorite. <3

  9. I would actually like to see this, she was definetly one of the cooler titans in the cartoon :) and yeah with all the supernatual crap thats hot with the mainstram crowds, this could work.

  10. Raven is awesome, she has always been my favorite Titan, I hope this comes out soon, Can’t wait!!!!!

    Go Raven ^_^

  11. Raven is just a Nikita that is younger and has supernatural powers instead of ninja powers. It will bomb because it misses the entire point of Smallville. They needed a male-centered superhero show to work in contrast with all the female-centered shows on the CW. Blue Beetle was a much better idea. A Green Arrow show where he teams up with a new JLU member every week is an even better idea. It would get more of the DCU out there, feature someone whose powers are cheap, and drag some Smallville audience with them. Raven, the teen witch, is not going to retain the Smallville audience. Once the show is done, most of that audience will drift away from the CW. Their value was that not only were they incredibly loyal, following the show to the Death Valley of Friday, but they were also a different audience than the CW pulls the rest of the week, so the CW got to advertise to new people, instead of hitting the same niche for the umpteenth time.

  12. i think Revan is an excellent idea, she is someone we hardly know and can be shed light on. She’s hot and sexy and can be a new another great character like Clark, only except she is a girl.

  13. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! I began watching the Teen Titans: Animated Series when it first premiered in 2003 and Raven immediately became my favorite character. I particularly enjoyed the fourth season as it focused on her confrontation with Trigon, even though much of the source material was censored for the show’s young audience.

    I hope that they manage to make this show a reality because I think they could go in many different directions with this and it has the potential to appeal to a large audience – Raven’s fanbase is abundant with both males and females. I also hope that the producers decide to incorporate events from the comics; I would LOVE to see the ‘Terror of Trigon’ arc in a live-action adaptation!

    My only concern is who would they choose to portray Raven?

  14. I think this is a good move. Having read the comics and seen the animated show on Cartoon Network back when it began in 2003 I feel like there needs to be more for this caracter. If anything, the fact that not a whole lot of people know who she is might be benificial. in theory, if people are interested by the comercials then they want to know more, and if the show lives up to the comercials -pray it does- then they will keep tuning in every week just to sit on the edge of their seats. Those who know who she is will tune in just to see how it looks. Overall, I personally think it needs to be as mature if not slightly lower/higher than the comic books. The real question is who is willing to play this character and who portrays her the best. Looks as well as acting for this character will be VERY difficult.

  15. This could go either way. Raven is the most interesting character from the Teen Titans, but as others point out, does not have widespread familiarity, so they will have to work harder to get people interested in the show. If they wanted familiarity, Batman would be the best bet, but I don’t know if they could get that.

  16. Tristan_Prescott

    Honestly I think this is AWESOME for some reasons
    1.Raven isnt really well known so this will get her face out there
    2.Smallville, vampire diaries(which is basically male hero oriented) and 1 more show I cant put my finger on we get tired of it, and for someone to say “no one wants to see a female hero and all that crap (can someone say SEXIST)
    Plus it would be awesome to have The Teen Titans make an appearance.

  17. I think it’s awesome they may be doing a show about raven!!! I used to watch teen titans in primary school all the time and she was my favourite character :)

  18. Personally, if the writing is done well I think this could turn out rather well.

    As for the “shouldn’t we keep rehashing the same crap over and over” question posed in the article, if you really look at WHEN and to WHOM Teen Titans was marketed, you’ll see that this is the perfect opportunity to get that Early ’20s demographic latched back onto the network with something with which they are familiar.

    As for Aquaman, where the hell does a suggestion like that even come from? DX
    Of course the fanbase is going to be torn between people who like the character and the combination of those who prefer another character, or more specifically a Smallville character spinoff such as Green Arrow.

    As for me, I’m all for it :D