Queen Sugar Preview: “A Little Lower Than Angels” Queen Sugar Preview: “A Little Lower Than Angels”
On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Nova and Remy act on their feelings, while Davis informs Charley of his secret and Ralph Angel... Queen Sugar Preview: “A Little Lower Than Angels”

Charley and Davis made it out the other side of something that would irrevocably damage 99% of relationships. Granted, there’s absolutely no chance they’re getting back together and the only reason they’re even this cordial is because of Micah, but the fact remains that they’re reached a certain understanding that has allowed them to remain on decent terms. It’s something that Charley’s needed given how stressful the rest of her life has been recently, not only in terms of time/chaos management but in the knowledge that Micah was getting the relationship with his father that he needed. But what happens when that all goes to pot?

On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Davis comes clean about the baby he had on Charley 13 years ago. As much as she might’ve been through with the rape accusations against her husband and the shame his actions brought upon her family, Charley at least thought that all of the secrets of her marriage had come to light, that she would be able to move on with her life knowing that her past with Davis was where it belonged. Now, though, she’s been re-victimized by Davis and Micah is old and mature enough to really feel the brunt of his father’s callousness. With everything going on with the Landrys, Prosper’s living situation, and her frayed relationship with Nova, this is the last thing that Charley needed, but it’s a major marking post in her life (and Micah’s life) going forward, whether she wants to face it or not.

Elsewhere on Queen Sugar, Ralph Angel grows closer to Trinh, while Remy and Nova give in to their mutual attraction, Micah and his friends stumble when they uncover something shocking, and Darla seeks to clarify her relationship with Ralph Angel.

Queen Sugar airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on OWN.

How will Charley handle the news that Davis had a baby on her? Could Darla and Ralph Angel be on the road to steady co-parenting? Will Nova and Remy feel any type of guilt at acting on their feelings?


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