Queen Sugar Preview: “I Know My Soul”Queen Sugar Preview: “I Know My Soul”
On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Ralph Angel's reveal causes unrest in the Bordelon family, while Nova learns a secret about Vi. Queen Sugar Preview: “I Know My Soul”

The farm has been a saving grace for both Ralph Angel and Charley. While it’s given the former the type of direction and structure he needed after getting out of prison, it’s allowed the latter an outlet to pour her perfectionism, a living, breathing thing that demanded her attention and prevented her from withdrawing during the Davis scandal. As much as they might have gotten into farming to honor Ernest’s memory and keep the farm from sliding into another’s hands, it’s produced more than just sugarcane for them; it’s produced opportunity, self-confidence, and the possibility of creating a necessary second life. However, despite the commonality they share in terms of the farm, on the next episode of Queen Sugar, Ralph Angel and Charley have never been more at odds.

That’s because Ralph Angel’s truth kick resulted in his confession about Ernest’s will and how their father left him and him alone the farm. Charley is understandably frustrated, having spent an enormous amount of time and money uprooting her family and getting the mill going, but the hurt for her lies more in Ralph Angel’s decision to keep the truth from her. She thinks that he was just bilking her of the resources necessary to get the farm profitable before dropping this hammer on her; while the two have never been especially close, she thought there was enough respect between them that they could be upfront with one another about anything relating to the farm. Of course, he didn’t intentionally do that, but the optics of Ralph Angel’s deceit aren’t great and will make mending fences with Charley a rather formidable task. Yet considering how the two bump heads when it comes to the farm, and how he’s been wanting to take a more proactive role with the farm without worrying about her oversight, could some part of Ralph Angel be excited at the possibility of running the farm on his own?

Elsewhere on Queen Sugar, Nova learns a secret about Vi that shakes up their relationship, while the conflict between Ralph Angel and Charley puts Darla in an uncomfortable position.

Queen Sugar airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on OWN.

Should Ralph Angel take the action necessary to wrestle control of the farm from Charley? If he does use Ernest’s will as leverage against his sister, could this be the end of Charley and Ralph Angel’s relationship? What type of secret do you think Vi has been keeping from Nova?

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