Queen Sugar Preview: “What Do I Care for Morning” Queen Sugar Preview: “What Do I Care for Morning”
On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Charley confronts Davis about their custody arrangement, while Micah finds solace at Nova's place. Queen Sugar Preview: “What Do I Care for Morning”

Even before his incident with the police, Micah had been through a lot in recent months, whether it be (essentially) getting kicked out of school, moving to Louisiana, or the separation (and pending divorce) of his parents. Everything was made that much worse considering that his life prior to Ernest’s death was remarkably quiet and calm for the son of a public figure; Davis and Charley did everything they could to protect their son from the spotlight and ensure that he was never in any type of dangerous situation, so Micah was understandably shell-shocked (and ultimately overwhelmed) when coming face-to-face with a racist authority figure working for an institution built on the backs of racial discrimination. He never really had to worry about this type of treatment in his old life and now he doesn’t know how to respond to something that provokes simultaneous feelings of anger, shame, sadness, and confusion.

On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Micah seeks solace at Nova’s place in a bid to steady himself amidst his inner turmoil. Where Charley and Davis are still bickering over their custody arrangement, and he’s still justifiably upset at his father’s deviant behavior, he can’t go to either one of them with his feelings; plus, not only did Nova show him kindness and understanding immediately after he was released, Micah knows that she’s a nonjudgmental person who’s involved in the community and knowledgeable about issues of police misconduct, particularly with regards to OPP. If there’s anyone who can help him make sense of the mixed emotions he’s feeling, and can point him in the right direction to channel his energy through activism, it’s Nova. But if Micah heads to the frontlines of the protests against OPP, how will Charley react to the turn her son has taken and the role Nova played in getting him there?

Elsewhere on Queen Sugar, Hollywood’s time home is in danger of being cut short, while Nova meets someone intriguing at a symposium and Ralph Angel confronts Jacob Boudreaux about spying on the family farm.

Queen Sugar airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on OWN.

Why do you think Micah is turning to Nova in his time of need? Will Charley and Ralph Angel be able to resolve their conflict over the farm’s bank account? Is Davis filing for joint custody out of concern for Micah or does he just want to get back at Charley?


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