Queen Sugar Midseason Finale Preview: “Freedom’s Plow” Queen Sugar Midseason Finale Preview: “Freedom’s Plow”
On the midseason finale of Queen Sugar, Charley's interview raises concerns with the farmers, while Nova's reunion with Dr. Dubois hits a road block. Queen Sugar Midseason Finale Preview: “Freedom’s Plow”

After uprooting her family from California and going through a very public scandal with Davis, Charley has achieved her recent dream of becoming the first black female mill owner in Louisiana. It’s a massive breakthrough in a male-dominated industry, the result of hours of hard work and a fierce determination that has shown itself in other aspects of her life, but Charley hasn’t gotten to enjoy the fruits of her labor just yet. Be it the conflict with Ralph Angel over the true ownership of the farm or Remy laying into her for using her divorce for her professional benefit, the opening days of the mill have found Charley playing defense and arguably more stressed/hurt than she ever got during the mill’s opening days. But how will that frazzled state of mind impact her interview with Galant?

On the midseason finale of Queen Sugar, Charley’s interview causes a kerfuffle with the farmers who’ve already pledged to bring their cane to the mill. Though those with a more progressive frame of mind readily welcome the change that Charley’s position of power brings the sugar cane industry, the industry itself is staunchly conservative despite plenty of faces of color; it’s set in the ways of decades upon decades and that means that there are people who are fundamentally uncomfortable working with Charley because she’s a woman. In the opening days of Queen Sugar’s existence, every I has to be dotted and every T has to be crossed, as people will be looking for ways to discredit Charley and keep her from becoming a success, so any outside disruption, any opportunity for people to jump ship that presents itself, is bad news for both her reputation and client base. What should’ve been a tremendous celebration of the work put into opening the mill now threatens to undo the progress Charley has made in this new chapter of her life and keep an industry drowning in systemic racism from embracing the progress necessary to survive in the 21st century.

Elsewhere on Queen Sugar, Nova’s reunion with Dr. Dubois doesn’t quite go as planned, while Vi confronts a health issue and Ralph Angel takes a big step with Darla.

The midseason finale of Queen Sugar airs Wednesday at 10:00 on OWN.

How will Nova and Ralph Angel handle what comes out of Charley’s interview? What type of health issue could Vi be dealing with? Should Darla be willing to progress her relationship with Ralph Angel despite how poorly he treats her?


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