Queen Sugar Preview: “Delicately and Strangely Made” Queen Sugar Preview: “Delicately and Strangely Made”
On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Remy and Nova face their feelings, while Violet receives a business proposal and Charley discovers something suspicious. Queen Sugar Preview: “Delicately and Strangely Made”

When Charley first learned of the child Davis had on her, she understandably looked to her family for support. While no one was available for her in her time of need, the order in which she called them showed where they stand with her at this point; at the bottom of the pile is Nova, as the wounds the two inflicted upon each other over Charley’s plan to bring down the Landrys still sting. Charley and Nova are two proud, headstrong women who hold tight to their convictions and rarely back down when challenged, so them making up isn’t something that comes easy. But despite this latest conflict that drove the two apart, something more ominous is lingering down in New Orleans.

On the next episode of Queen Sugar, Remy and Nova are forced to confront their feelings after kissing on their fishing trip. While the two are single and have something of a connection, their actions make things very complicated considering Charley’s history with Remy and the fact that they didn’t tell her what they were feeling before they acted. With Charley already dealing with a lot considering her ongoing undercover mission to torch the Landrys (that her family doesn’t support), Davis having a baby 13 years ago and only just telling her, and Micah forcing her hand into public school, hearing that her ex-boyfriend and sister are kissing up on one another might be the straw to break the camel’s back. Had Remy and Nova come to Charley first, things would still be awkward and each relationship would still be strained, but the betrayal of all this occurring behind her back, especially considering how self-righteous both of them had been with her, will be enough to knock her backwards.

Elsewhere on Queen Sugar, Violet receives a business proposal that causes her to reevaluate where Vi’s Prized Pies is at, while Blue finally reveals what happened at school, Ralph Angel goes on his first date with Trinh, Charley encounters a suspicious surveying team on the farm, and Micah has an encounter with racists while out with his friends.

Queen Sugar airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on OWN.

Should Nova tell Charley about the kiss with Remy, even if the two decide not to pursue a relationship? Could Violet’s lupus make continue the business at the level it’s at unfeasible? Is Ralph Angel setting himself up for Darla to make a play for custody of Blue?


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