Queen of the South Photos and Preview: “El Precio de la Fe”Queen of the South Photos and Preview: “El Precio de la Fe”
On the next episode of Queen of the South, Camila and Teresa seek a new distributor in time to sell enough product to pay... Queen of the South Photos and Preview: “El Precio de la Fe”

Lacking a way of contacting Camila and with no backup on the horizon, Teresa was forced to make decisions in Bolivia that would greatly impact the Vargas cartel. It didn’t help matters that James and Guero were more concerned with squabbling with one another than securing the deal with El Santo or making it out of Bolivia alive, so Teresa felt the entire weight of the cartel squarely on her shoulders. Fortunately, she’s been at this long enough that she was able to prove the purity of her heart to El Santo and get the product needed for the Vargas cartel to get back on its feet; on the flip side, though, Teresa saddled the cartel with a metric ton of cocaine they have to move within a week if they don’t want to face the wrath of El Santo.

On the next episode of Queen of the South, Teresa and Camila begin looking for a distributor to help them move enough product to pay off El Santo. King George’s routes were enough when they were moving their normal amount and didn’t have a pressing deadline to deal with, but they’re now tasked with moving an exponentially larger quantity of product in a pretty condensed time frame. Therefore, they need another, arguably larger pathway to push their product in a timely enough manner. But none of the cartels operate in a vacuum and word that the Vargas cartel has this type of volume should awaken anyone that seeks to wipe them off the map. Camila and Teresa will not only have to guard against those who want to steal their product and sell it off themselves, they’ll have to stay alert for those who seek to delay their progress and force them into a confrontation with El Santo that would effectively destroy the cartel. Their desperation in doing business with El Santo is blood in the water for the other cartels and if Camila and Teresa aren’t careful, they could find themselves in a worse position than they were before the deal with El Santo happened.

Elsewhere on Queen of the South, Camila advises Teresa about the value of shoring up her weaknesses the deeper she journeys into the cartel world.

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Will Camila be able to pay El Santo back for the metric ton of coke? Is the Vargas cartel’s reputation damaged enough that a second distributor might not be feasible? Should Teresa give up the dream of a life with Guero if she wants to keep herself safe while working her way up the cartel’s ranks?


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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH -- "El Precio De Fe" Episode 207 -- Pictured: Jon-Michael Ecker as El Guero -- (Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

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