Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “El Camino de la Muerte”Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “El Camino de la Muerte”
On the next episode of Queen of the South, Teresa embarks on a spiritual journey after being captured by the Bolivian militia. Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “El Camino de la Muerte”

Teresa knew that going to Bolivia was going to be dangerous, but it was what she had to do in order to ensure the sanctity of the Vargas cartel and the survival of Guero. If she were able to forge a connection with El Santo, Teresa would keep Camila in business and prove Guero’s worth, the latter of which could keep him from meeting his end after his relationship with the DEA was exposed. However, while Teresa knew that finding El Santo and gathering enough supply to get the cartel back on its feet would be difficult, she didn’t count on a Bolivian militia hell-bent on taking down anyone connected with El Santo being in her way.

On the next episode of Queen of the South, Teresa, Guero, and James find themselves at the mercy of the Bolivian forces with nothing in the way of backup. Leo has been murdered in front of them and they’re thousands of miles from Dallas, so any help they could receive from Camila would come too late to mean anything. If they’re going to make it out of Bolivia alive, they’re going to have to figure this out on their own, but the tension of the moment and the complicated dynamic of their relationship threaten to keep Teresa, James, and Guero from the breakthrough they need to survive. While they’ve all been through quite a bit to get to this point, possessing the survival instinct necessary to make it in the cartel world, it’s going to take teamwork, a well-formulated plan, and a little bit of luck if all three are to make it back to Dallas.

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Will Teresa, Guero, and James all escape Bolivia alive? Is there a chance they could find a way to contact Camila and let her know how south things have gone? How will this excursion to Bolivia change the way Teresa approaches her time in the cartel and her relationships with both Guero and James?


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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH -- "El Camino de la Muerte" Episode 206 -- Pictured: Jon-Michael Ecker as El Guero -- (Photo by: Zade Rosenthal/USA Network)

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