Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “La Ultima Hora Mata” Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “La Ultima Hora Mata”
On the season finale of Queen of the South, the final showdown between Teresa and Camila determines who the queen really is. Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “La Ultima Hora Mata”

The rift between Camila and Epifanio boiled down to one thing – his desire to keep his wife under his thumb. Feeling frustrated with where her life was, the fact that she had nothing of her own and the lack of credit she received for helping Epifanio get to where he is, Camila sought out on her own with the hopes of challenging her husband. She wanted him to see that she was just as capable as he was and to notice the depths of her unhappiness; there was no way that she was ever going to entertain the possibility of shutting down her operation, especially when Epifanio seemed to have no concern over her lack of fulfillment and her desire for independence. But what happens when she’s forced to turn to the husband she thought she’d left behind when her world begins collapsing in on itself?

On the season finale of Queen of the South, Camila is forced to join forces with Epifanio when they learn that Isabella is being held by Pedro Jimenez. Although the two have locked horns over the power in their relationship, and although they’ve had more than their share of disagreements when it comes to parenting Isabella, the fact of the matter is that they love their daughter and they’re stronger together than they are apart, at least when it comes to family issues. Retrieving Isabella will take resources from both cartels and if ever there was a time for them to put aside the issues they have with one another, now is it. However, if they do go ahead and pay the $10 million being asked, they run into the possibility of Isabella fulfilling her promise of taking $2 million and running away with Kique. Of course, she said this under the impression that her mother was still in jail and possibly as a way of keeping herself safe, but Epifanio and Camila might be walking into a dangerous situation that they risk a lot for with no idea that Isabella might be on her way out sooner rather than later.

The season finale of Queen of the South airs Thursday at 10:00 on USA.

Will Epifanio and Camila be able to save Isabella before it’s too late? Could having a common goal in freeing Isabella and a common enemy in Teresa bring Epifanio and Camila back together? What type of message will Teresa try to send Camila now that the two are on opposite sides?


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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH -- "La Ultima Hora Mata" Episode 213 -- Pictured: Hemky Madera as Pote -- (Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

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