Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “Un Pacto con el Diablo”Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “Un Pacto con el Diablo”
On the next episode of Queen of the South, Teresa and James go on a mission to destroy Epifanio's drug smuggling tunnels. Queen of the South Photos and Sneak Peek: “Un Pacto con el Diablo”

Camila prides herself on being the one to have built up the Vargas cartel into what it stands as today. Though she was never the face of the operation, she moved through the shadows for decades doing everything possible to set herself and her husband up for success; it’s that dedication that she feels was disrespected by Epifanio, a marginalization that keeps her from returning to her marriage. Her experience in the cartel also means that Epifanio’s attempts to tear down her attempts at building something for herself don’t rattle her, not when she knows how to start over and not when she has the connections and determination to never be out of the game completely.

On the next episode of Queen of the South, Camila finds herself on the rebound after securing transport routes through the deal with King George and winning millions at the horse race, thereby giving her the capital to secure product. Going back to Epifanio and being forced to play second fiddle for the rest of her life isn’t an option, so now that Camila has her feet back under her again, it’s time to go on the offensive. Her first move? To send Teresa and James to blow up the tunnels Epifanio has been using to smuggle. It’s not the kill shot to the Vargas cartel that Camila might want, but this is a way for her to slow down her husband’s operation while giving her own business time to build its way back up; plus, it shows Epifanio that she meant what she said when she told him she wanted a war, that she is not going to disappear no matter how many times he comes at her. But what Camila doesn’t take into account is that the border is crawling with American vigilantes, meaning that Teresa and James are putting themselves in danger so that she can antagonize her husband.

Elsewhere on Queen of the South, Teresa continues seeing Guero despite the danger they face if they get caught.

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Is Camila wrong for trying to mess with Epifanio after she just got herself straightened back out? Will Teresa and James be able to make it past the American vigilantes in one piece? How long will it be before Teresa slips up and lets Camila in on the fact that not only is she seeing Guero, Guero is affiliated with the DEA?


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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH -- "Un Pacto con el Diablo" Episode 203 -- Pictured: Veronica Falcon as Camila -- (Photo by: Bill Matlock/USA Network)

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