Queen of the South Photos and Preview: “Todas las Horas Hieren” Queen of the South Photos and Preview: “Todas las Horas Hieren”
On the next episode of Queen of the South, Teresa begins forming the alliances necessary to break away from Camila and begin her ascension. Queen of the South Photos and Preview: “Todas las Horas Hieren”

In order to survive following Brenda’s death, Teresa had to drop her guard against Camila and form a mutually beneficial relationship with her would-be enemy. Although she wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of latching herself to the Vargas cartel, Camila wanted Guero’s book, and didn’t want Epifanio to get his hands on it, badly enough that she was willing to offer her a safe harbor against Epifanio. Through her relationship with Camila, Teresa learned more about the drug game than she ever did while together with Guero and found that she had what it took to not only survive but thrive against some serious heavyweights. But while Teresa has clearly grown stronger the longer she’s been entangled with Camila, has she the strength and guile necessary to fully separate herself from her former mentor?

On the next episode of Queen of the South, Teresa makes the plunge after passing the forged documents implicating Camila as owner of Colibri to the DEA. There’s no turning back from this point, no possibility that Camila will ever forgive her or lend her a helping hand, and instead of running for cover while the shrapnel from this latest bomb whips through the air, Teresa opts to boldly go after the coke from the El Santo deal. Her thinking here is that she was the one responsible for saving Camila’s cartel from collapsing in on itself and that the cocaine, as well as the cash, acts as something of a severance package; she knows she has the instinct and intellect necessary to flip the remaining coke into the beginnings of a new business for herself. In order to make that happen, though, she’s got to take the fight directly to Camila for the first time and attempt to overthrow one of the most influential figures in the cartel world, all while lacking the resources, manpower, and experience of her adversary. But will Teresa’s desire to build her own empire and no longer be beholden to others be enough for her to come out on top of this latest battle?

Queen of the South airs Thursdays at 10:00 on USA. The series has already been renewed for a third season, which should premiere next summer.

Will Teresa be able to swipe the coke and cash from Camila? Do you think Teresa is making a mistake by going this hard against Camila? Is there a chance that this is when Teresa makes her big move toward becoming a queenpin?


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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH -- "Todas Las Horas De La Herida" Episode 212 -- Pictured: Paola Andino as Olivia 'Chaparra' Gutierrez -- (Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

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