Powers: Susan Heyward (Deena Pilgrim) Talks Season 2 Powers: Susan Heyward (Deena Pilgrim) Talks Season 2
On-set interview with Susan Heyward from the Powers series running on the PlayStation Network Powers: Susan Heyward (Deena Pilgrim) Talks Season 2

Season 2 of Powers is continuing every week on the PlayStation Network — you can view and purchase episodes HERE — and one of the best parts of the series is the character of Deena Pilgrim as played by Susan Heyward.

Powers Season 2 has taken turns getting closer to the comic book inspirations of the series, and while on set late last year, we spoke with Ms. Heyward about Deena’s new partnerships and her relationships with authority, including the intentions of Tricia Helfer’s Agent Lange character, and more. Additionally, she discusses her excitement for Powers getting a second season and some brand new sets.

“The theme that Bendis gave us all is ‘no one can be trusted’,” Heyward says of what audiences can expect from Season 2. “In the absence of Retro Girl, it’s such a shocking event. It’s one of those things where to lose someone in the world, it kind of rips the rug out from underneath you, and no one really trusts anyone. So you’ve gotta climb out of that.”

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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