Powerless Tonight: “Emergency Punch-Up”Powerless Tonight: “Emergency Punch-Up”
Details about the Powerless episode "Emergency Punch-Up" Powerless Tonight: “Emergency Punch-Up”

“Emergency Punch-Up” is the title of a new episode of Powerless airing tonight (April 20) on NBC, and while they didn’t seem to release any official promo photos, they did release a description for it which you can find below. Enjoy:

A VILLAINOUS ATTACK PUTS A WRENCH IN THE TEAM’S MUCH NEEDED COMPANY RETREAT – In need of some real R&R, the team gears up to leave for a company retreat when supervillain Dr. Psycho releases a toxic gas in Charm City. Now stuck in the Wayne Security offices, Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) does her best to make the most of a terrible situation. Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk and Ron Funches also star. Jennie Pierson recurs.

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