New Power Rangers This Weekend: “Deep Down Under” New Power Rangers This Weekend: “Deep Down Under”
Episode descirption, preview clip and preview images of the new episode of Power Rangers DIno Charge. New Power Rangers This Weekend: “Deep Down Under”

The Purple Energem saga continues on Power Rangers Dino Charge this Saturday at 12p.m./11c on Nickelodeon. The episode is entitled “Deep Down Under,” and here’s a description:

With the Purple Energem in hand, the Rangers race to find the Plesio Zord before Sledge can destroy it for good.

As usual, a preview clip and production stills are available below. Like last week gave us a tour of New Zealand, it looks like this week will show off some of New Zealand’s gorgeous beaches. Oh, and also a new Zord! And don’t forget to check back for a review later this weekend!

"Deep Down Under"

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