New Power Rangers Megaforce Today: “Going Viral”New Power Rangers Megaforce Today: “Going Viral”
Preview of the third episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. New Power Rangers Megaforce Today: “Going Viral”

A new episode of Power Rangers Megaforce, entitled “Going Viral,” airs today at 1 p.m/12c on Nickelodeon. Here’s how they (very briefly) describe it:

Noah begins to doubt his abilities when he has trouble lifting Jake’s heavy weapon.

Saban has also released three preview clips from the episode on their YouTube page. The clips feature a pep talk from Jake to Noah, a slimy new villain, and some tactical maneuvers from the Red and Pink Rangers. It’s looking like this season certainly won’t be short on “believe in yourself” mantras. Enjoy!

Power Rangers Megaforce airs Saturdays at 1 p.m/12c on Nickelodeon.

Derek B. Gayle

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