Pose Preview: “Love Is the Message” Pose Preview: “Love Is the Message”
On the next episode of Pose, Pray Tell organizes an AIDS benefit for the local hospital, while Patty confronts Angel over her affair with... Pose Preview: “Love Is the Message”

During the early days of their relationship, Angel’s street smarts were able to withstand whatever rush of feelings she felt for Stan. She made sure to use their connection to get herself a stable living situation and set the type of boundaries that would keep Stan from overreaching in the name of their financial arrangement. However, she couldn’t help but to soften her stance the more they got to know one another, which made his reaction to her talk of getting gender confirmation surgery, as well as his steadfast commitment to his wife, all the more painful. As much as she knows how stupid and counterproductive it is, Angel wants more of Stan than he’s been giving her, but on the next episode of Pose, she gets slapped in the face by reality.

That’s because Patty and her town car made it all the way to the Mother’s Day ball in hopes of talking to her about Stan. There’s no use of trying to deny what happened, not when Stan’s name is on the apartment lease and not when Matt’s evidence is iron clad, so Angel now has to figure out damage control. Just how upset is Patty about the affair? Can she and Patty find some type of common ground when it comes to their dealings with Stan? Granted the affair being exposed could very well send her back to Blanca’s for good, but she’s already moved out of the apartment anyway and if that’s the biggest blowback she receives for being with Stan, it’s honestly a win for her.

Elsewhere on Pose, Pray Tell organizes a cabaret for the AIDS ward at a local hospital, while Blanca catches someone’s eye on the street and Stan gets into a fight with Matt over Patty finding out about Angel.

Pose airs Sundays at 9:00 on FX.

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