Pose Preview: “The Fever” Pose Preview: “The Fever”
On the next episode of Pose, Candy's insecurities get exacerbated after being called out at a ball, while Damon and Ricky experience a medical... Pose Preview: “The Fever”

Despite how traumatizing being kicked out by his parents, living on the streets, and getting robbed was for Damon, he’s landed on his feet thanks to Blanca and the House of Evangelista. Not only does he have a roof over his head and three square meals a day, he’s dancing at the New School and exposed to a new form of movement in the balls, all the while meeting someone special in Ricky. It’s not the way he would’ve ideally went about it, but Damon is on the road to living the life that he always wanted, a life of being allowed to live his truth both professionally and personally. 

On the next episode of Pose, Damon experiences an HIV scare that causes particular worry in Blanca. The two have formed such a tight bond in the short time they’ve known one another, so much so that she might overcorrect and not allow him to date anymore to keep him from experiencing something like this again. She knows how a positive diagnosis can change someone’s life and she’s not about to let the potential that Damon has shown be squandered. While this entire experience is the worst case scenario for him, finally allowing himself to be physically intimate with a man only to have to face his own mortality at such a young age, the friction with Blanca, the only solid mother figure he’s ever had, might end up being the worst part for Damon. But in order to get through to her young son and ensure that he’s more careful in his dalliances with men, could Blanca let Damon in on the truth about her diagnosis?

Elsewhere on Pose, Candy’s insecurities centering around her appearance are exacerbated after she’s read at a ball, while Elektra and Angel deal with issues surrounding gender confirmation surgery and their romantic lives.

Pose airs Sundays at 9:00 on FX.

Will this medical scare push Damon and Ricky apart? How will Candy respond to being publicly criticized at a ball? Could Elektra back out of her gender confirmation surgery if her sugar daddy is that opposed to it?

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