Pose Preview: “Giving and Receiving” Pose Preview: “Giving and Receiving”
On the next episode of Pose, the holidays bring out the melancholy side of Angel, while Elektra considers a life-altering surgery. Pose Preview: “Giving and Receiving”

Angel managed to turn Stan’s infatuation with her into the type of stability she hadn’t felt in a while. She figured that this new connection they made was nothing but a passing phase, something he needed to get out of his system after dealing with a stifling marriage, and when he decided to move on, she didn’t want to be left holding the bag. It’s not exactly the most emotional or romantic of arrangements, but Angel doesn’t have time for sentiment, not when she needs to put a roof over her head and not when she’s dealing with someone who can’t give all of himself to her. But what happens when she’s forced to really examine her loneliness during the time of year most dedicated to togetherness?

On the next episode of Pose, it’s the holidays and while the House of Evangelista is looking to rebound from their most recent loss at the upcoming Snow Ball, Angel is a touch melancholy. On the one hand, she has the best living situation she’s arguably ever had after Stan comes through with an apartment and the sense of family and support she’s found with Evangelista has been a breath of fresh air. On the other, though, Angel can’t help but feel incomplete despite the recent strides she’s made and that lack of holiday spirit, borne out of ambition, romanticism, and trauma, is a lot to work through, even with a supportive system like Evangelista. Knowing that you’re in a better place than you’ve been in a while and still being unsatisfied can eat away at you, but as long as Evangelista keeps up their momentum at the balls and things with Stan don’t take a drastic turn for the worse, Angel is in a good position to cope with her demons and push through toward fulfilling her dreams.

Elsewhere on Pose, Damon makes a costly error that could threaten his position at the New School, while Elektra considers undergoing gender affirmation surgery.

Pose airs Sundays at 9:00 on FX.

Will this arrangement with Stan be everything Angel needs/wants it to be? How do you think Damon will stumble in his quest to fulfill his dreams? Would Elektra take herself out of ball contention long enough to have the surgery and allow herself to recover?

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