Blu-ray Review: Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth SeasonBlu-ray Review: Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth Season
Review of the Person of Interest Season 4 Blu-ray set, available Aug. 11 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Blu-ray Review: Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth Season

The Season 4 Blu-ray and DVD sets for Person of Interest are being released this Tuesday, August 10, containing all 22 episodes of the season with a large selection of extras.

Here’s how Warner Bros. Home Entertainment describes the set:

All eyes are on Person of Interest as the show launches into another exciting season. Although they have saved countless lives thanks to The Machine’s omniscience, the team is still reeling from the devastating loss they experienced in season three and now face an uncertain future.

With a second machine – Samaritan – now online, the members of the elusive team – Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson), along with lethal operative Shaw (Sarah Shahi), unpredictable cyber-hacker Root (Amy Acker) and homicide detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) – are now targets themselves, hiding in plain sight. Facing unknown danger, the POI team must find a way to outsmart Samaritan, an all-seeing, all-powerful artificial intelligence that’s self-governing, continually evolving and growing stronger every day.  Meanwhile, former enemy Elias (Enrico Colantoni) now becomes a desperate ally in the fight against a new gang known as The Brotherhood.

poi4bluSo what did we think?

The Episodes: Person of Interest is the genre show that I feel doesn’t get as much ink as most genre shows do. It’s disguised as a bit of a procedural, and there are surely real-life elements, but in some ways, maybe with the Nolan connection, POI still has a Batman vibe. Characters come and go, the danger is strong and the situations change, but it’s still a very enjoyable series to watch. POI looks fantastic in Blu-ray, too.

The Extras: “Music of Interest” might be the longest featurette extra on this disc, aside from the Comic-Con panel. This featurette looks inside the studio of Composer Ramin Djawadi for an intimate look at his process along with showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman as they discuss scoring sequences and key elements of music themes in POI. What I liked about this extra is that I actually learned things about the process; I was not aware of when the composer comes in, and I didn’t realize the show had such a large orchestra. Likewise, the differences and similarities between the “Machine” and “Samaritan” themes are very interesting to note.

There’s also a featurette about the show’s new underground set, which I swear looks like the set from The Tomorrow People. Michael Emerson and Amy Acker are interviewed there.

There’s also a POI 2014 Comic-Con panel, and a gag reel that honestly isn’t really that funny. (Sorry, folks!) I do love that there are so many extras, though, giving fans who take the time to buy this set some added value.

Graphics & Design: I love the box art for this set, and while Blu-ray discs are usually seem to be only one color on the design, they seemed to make something that looked cool for the individual discs. I’m impressed.

Is It Worth It? For a POI fan, definitely. If you’re not a fan already, I do recommend checking it out. It might be one of the best shows you haven’t seen yet.

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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