Outsiders Photos and Preview: “The Run” Outsiders Photos and Preview: “The Run”
On the next episode of Outsiders, G'win leads a peaceful run into town for supplies, while Haylie confronts Matt about the poisoned water. Outsiders Photos and Preview: “The Run”

Though kidnapping Haylie and bringing her to Shay Mountain was a major risk for the Farrells, it ended up paying off even better than they might’ve expected. She was able to see the type of devastation One Planet brought down onto Shay and the extent to which her corporate overlords were willing to go in order to make a dollar. For a people who are inherently distrustful of those living in civilization, it was a reminder that not every townsperson sought to do them harm and that there is value to their story. People will want to listen to the Farrells because of both their notoriety and the uniqueness of their story; there can be real change to their current situation if others are made aware of the weight baring down on the Farrells. The only question, though, is how the Farrells can get word out about the treatment they’ve suffered at the hands of One Planet without putting themselves in danger.

On the next episode of Outsiders, G’win organizes a peaceful run to procure the water and grain they’ve lost since the mountain has been poisoned. This isn’t a joyride looking for guns, nor is this an opportunity for her people to dillydally around town; this is meant to be a quick, painless trek into town only done to bolster their dwindling supplies. While they’re in town, though, G’win surmises that getting their story out through the use of technology can only help them in their fight against One Planet. Haylie isn’t the only person with a camera phone, so if they could make a peaceful demonstration where they inform the residents of Blackburg as to their recent struggles, word of mouth can carry their plight farther than they can even dream. The Farrells don’t have the resources to deal with the coal company on their own, so they need to stir the sympathies of the Blackburg residents and hope that public sentiment puts pressure on One Planet to back down once and for all. But even if the Farrells are able to make it to town and back in one piece, which isn’t a guarantee given their role in freeing Lil Foster, will anyone they encounter even be open to hearing their story?

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Haylie confronts Matt about the poisoned water and soil on Shay Mountain, while Wade is forced to deal with Breece’s death at an inopportune time and Sally-Ann takes the reins of Hasil’s career after conflict with Butch.

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Is Haylie going to be able to get through to Matt (or anyone else at One Planet) regarding what they’ve done to the Farrells? Can Wade find a way to move on from the loss of Breece without spilling any blood? Will Sally-Ann becoming Hasil’s manager help his standing in the world of underground fighting?

K C Bailey 9/19/16

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K C Bailey 9/19/16


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