Outsiders Preview: “How We Hunt” Outsiders Preview: “How We Hunt”
On the next episode of Outsiders, Sally Ann finds her way back to the Farrell homestead, while the winter hunt proves bloodier than expected. Outsiders Preview: “How We Hunt”

Finding out she was pregnant was some of the worst news Sally Ann could’ve gotten. Not only is she not financially stable enough to provide for another living being, her relationship with Hasil looked to be over for good; a baby couldn’t have fit into her life of working at the store and living with an overprotective brother, but overly conservative state law (and a serious lack of money) put a halt to her desire for a quick, painless abortion. Since adoption wasn’t on the table, either, Sally Ann was at a significant crossroads in her life, one that would determine what things would look like for the foreseeable future. Faced with nowhere to live and no realistic plan to get rid of this baby, she did the only thing she could think of – return to Shay Mountain.

On the next episode of Outsiders, Sally Ann makes it back to the Farrell homestead after nearly crashing her car and allowing herself to be led by one of the mysterious figures in the woods. While taking the news to Hasil makes sense from an emotional standpoint, given that she felt he deserved to know the truth, the financial reasoning behind her decision also stands to reason; the Farrells are able to survive without money and, if nothing else, they would provide her with protection and a place to stay while she figured out the next step to her life in civilization. But Sally Ann is trading in emotional and financial security for actual security, as she’s walking into quite the snake pit, with G’win, Big Foster, and Moregon all grappling for power and willing to do anything necessary to gain it. She’s unwittingly putting herself and the fate of her unborn child in the middle of a vicious battle of tradition, forgiveness, and territory, a conflict that she could possibly become collateral damage therein. Even with Hasil’s devotion to her and significant influence around camp, is it even possible for Sally Ann to stay away from the center of the storm that’s descended upon the Farrell homestead? Or is it inevitable that she finds herself a pawn in the chess match for the future of the family?

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Wade’s skepticism of Lil Foster’s involvement in Breece’s murder causes conflict with Matt’s desire for headlines, while the winter hunt on Shay Mountain proves bloodier than expected.

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on WGN America.

How long will it be before James tries to find Sally Ann on Shay Mountain? Will Wade be able to find the evidence necessary to free Lil Foster? Could G’win be in line for criticism if something bad happens during the winter hunt?


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