Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Healing” Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Healing”
On the next episode of Outsiders, Big Foster struggles in the wake of G'win's slow recovery, while Wade scrambles to cover his tracks. Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Healing”

When Big Foster aided in the rescue efforts of his son, he thought things would be all good between him and Lil. The two would rejoice at seeing one another again and all past misdeeds between them would be forgotten. It was certainly an idealistic way of thinking from someone normally so pragmatic and it became clear once Big Foster interacted with Lil Foster for the first time upon returning to the mountain that it was especially misguided to assume that decades of pain could be wiped away by one gesture. Lil Foster knows nothing of the man who returned to Shay Mountain after a time in captivity attempting to better himself and the relationships he had before his near death experience; he only knows a brutally violent, exorbitantly callous man who went out of his way to make life as uncomfortable and cold as possible. If Big Foster is serious about getting things square with his son, the prison rescue is a start and not the end of Lil Foster’s healing process.

On the next episode of Outsiders, Big Foster leads a botched run for medicine for an ailing G’win that leaves one member of his party critically injured. Distraught at not only failing his queen but indirectly leading one of his own into a dangerous situation, Foster turns self-reflective and realizes just how much torment he’s brought Shay Mountain and its citizens, how much of a storm cloud his very presence in this place truly is. As such, he comes to the conclusion that every single member of his kinfolk would be better off if he were the blood sacrifice necessary to purify the mountain and not G’win; with the only blood spilled on the mountain coming from Moregon, who wasn’t a Farrell and thus couldn’t satisfy the mountain’s wishes, a strong Farrell still needs to feed the homestead and keep things copacetic for their people. But Big Foster’s sudden epiphany puts Lil Foster in an awkward position as he assumes that his son would be the one to take him out for good. Not only was Lil Foster a peaceful man before going behind bars, the experience of taking another’s life is something that will surely stay with him and make him hesitant about doing something like this. Lil Foster doesn’t want to kill anyone, let alone another Farrell, and the best revenge against his father, the man whose contempt defined his entire life, might simply be the let him live in his own misery and not give him an easy way out.

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Wade is forced to scramble and cover his tracks after his connection to the transport bus crash is threatened to be investigated, while Mountain Witness sees a surge in attendance following the Coal Days demonstration, Gordon begins work on a plan to help further the cause, and Sally Ann gives Hasil an ultimatum about his constantly going missing.

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Does Lil Foster have it in him to take another life so soon after his prison incident? Will Wade be able to keep the role he played in helping free Lil Foster from becoming public? Could Hasil be forced into making a choice between being with Sally Ann and helping his family in a time of need?

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