Outsiders Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Shadowside” Outsiders Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Shadowside”
On the next episode of Outsiders, Lil Foster is investigated by Kentucky State Police, while Wade blames himself for the impending storm. Outsiders Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Shadowside”

Lil Foster thought that by going into town, he would be able to find his father, either at the hospital or the morgue. If Big Foster was alive, Lil Foster would have to deal with a man who’d been shot and poisoned in the name of power and if the former bren’in were dead, his body would have to be returned to the mountain for proper burial. But what Lil Foster didn’t take into account was the festering contempt that a sect of the Blackburg population has for his family and how going into town unprotected makes him a target; cornered outside the local bar, Lil Foster was baited into a fight that landed him in jail and put a delay in his quest for answers about his fa’s whereabouts. With Sheriff Houghton keeping him behind bars for safety’s sake, what will be Foster’s next move?

On the next episode of Outsiders, Lil Foster is still behind bars as KSP conducts an investigation into the incident outside the bar. Though Foster wasn’t necessarily at fault for what happened, his family’s reputation, as well as Wade’s desire to keep him safe from the angry mob, has kept him from being released; at the very least, Wade has treated Foster with the type of respect that very few townspeople would give a Farrell, particularly a Farrell in a compromised position, but there could be an ulterior motive to his sense of kindness. Not only is Lil Foster quite the big fish that Wade can use to make people forget about what happened on Shay Mountain, he has access to the type of information that could help Wade get justice for Breece and better understand Farrell society. Lil Foster knows more about the Farrells than anybody up on the mountain and with Wade already feeling like the man is trustworthy, this is as good an opportunity as any for him to load up on knowledge that could help him down the road.

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Big Foster wakes up to a captor who wants to keep him as her caged pet, while an all-female clan called the Kinnah arrive on Shay Mountain and Wade blames himself for the storm ready to strike Blackburg.

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Who do you think is holding Big Foster captive? What impact will the introduction of the Kinnah have on a community that’s undergoing a transitional period? Will Wade be able to wrestle power away from Matt and lead the charge to get the Farrells off the mountain once and for all?


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Outsiders/ Season 2/ Episode 202

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