Outsiders Preview: “Banishment” Outsiders Preview: “Banishment”
On the next episode of Outsiders, the Farrells deal with the return of Big Foster, while Lil Foster begins losing hope of regaining his... Outsiders Preview: “Banishment”

Having successfully manipulated Asa into shooting (and, she thinks, killing) Big Foster, G’win was able to seize the Farrell throne she struggled to accept her covetous attitude toward; granted, G’win mostly wanted to become the Bren’in in order to stop Big Foster’s reign of terror, but there was a little part of her that wanted the power, attention, and respect that came with being Bren’in. Even with Big Foster’s body not being found, what mattered is that Shay Mountain was rid of him and the Farrells could subsequently begin a new, fresh era coinciding with this latest loss. The family could remake itself without Foster’s bloodthirst and magnetized relationship with chaos, thereby becoming a tighter, more peaceful community free of the schisms and danger Foster brought. But what happens when the leader they long thought dead crawls out of the dirt and returns to their door?

On the next episode of Outsiders, G’win and the rest of the Farrells grapple with the return of Big Foster, a man feeling extra invincible after escaping the hellish prison Corinne tried to keep him in. Foster was always a man who ran on confidence and fear, on constructing an outsized reputation meant to keep the rest of his family in line; encounters like the one he had with Corinne only further his legacy as someone you have to go above and beyond in order to get rid of, but rather than cower in the presence of their former leader, the Farrells have another thing on their mind – banishment. They’ve had a taste of what life was life without Big Foster and they don’t want to go back to living under a Bren’in who ruled with an iron fist, not when they have someone like G’win who respects the title she’s been given and does her best to govern fairly. But G’win went through her own hell trying to get Big Foster gone the first time around, so she’s bound to be feeling dispirited at seeing his face again. Even with the wind from The Circle at her back and the support of her people at an all-time high, will G’win be able to pull the trigger, banishing Big Foster and brandishing the power he seeks to strip her of? And even if she does, is there any guarantee that he won’t strike back against the woman who tried to have him killed?

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Lil Foster begins losing hope of regaining his freedom, while Wade grapples with personal and professional difficulties. 

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on WGN America.

Will the Farrells succeed in banishing Big Foster from their homestead? How will G’win fare with coming face to face with the man she tried to have killed? Can Wade find a way to free Lil Foster? 


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