Outsiders Preview and Sneak Peek: “Kill or Be Killed” Outsiders Preview and Sneak Peek: “Kill or Be Killed”
On the next episode of Outsiders, Moregon forces G'win to make a major sacrifice, while Ledda's protesting drives a wedge between her and Wade. Outsiders Preview and Sneak Peek: “Kill or Be Killed”

The Kinnah came onto the Farrell homestead at a time when G’win was still growing accustomed to being Bren’in. With Big Foster thought dead and Lil Foster away, she was alone with the power she coveted for the first time and feeling the full weight of that responsibility was scary. Even with G’win manipulating her way into taking the oak, she didn’t understand the pressure and expectation that came with being Bren’in and not having anyone to reinforce her rule made those opening days all the more intimidating. Which is why she embraced the Kinnah as she did; not only did she consider them family, and Farrells never turn their backs on family, she felt like Moregon would be the type of second-in-command that she needed. This was someone used to ruling and making difficult decisions, someone who she felt had her best interest at heart, but that trust collapsed around her as Moregon’s true nature became revealed.

On the next episode of Outsiders, Moregon and the rest of the Kinnah are holding the Farrells captive after surrounding them in the middle of the homestead. The way to free themselves? Have G’win sacrifice one of the strongest Farrells in order to cleanse the mountain. Not only will this supposedly purify Shay Mountain from the evil and poison Big Foster has reinjected into it, it’s a primo power play that denigrates G’win in front of her subjects and asserts Moregon as the true leader of the mountain. Even though the Kinnah might not be Farrell, there’s nothing that says that the mountain has to be controlled by a Farrell at all times, so with Lil Foster locked away in prison, Hasil trying to build a life in town, and every other major Farrell player having a gun pointed at them, the power that G’win only recently seized is certainly up for grabs. However, G’win’s intelligence is what got her to the top of the Farrell food chain and it’s what can help save her from violating one of the main rules of being a Farrell; even if the Farrells are at a distinct tactical disadvantage against the Kinnah, they still have the physical and numerical advantage, so with G’win’s strategy combined with the brute force led by Big Foster, they might still have a chance at breaking free and sending the Kinnah back to Shadowside.

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Lil Foster reaches his breaking point with Jager’s gang, while Ledda’s protesting drives a wedge between her and Wade and Hasil begins a freelance fighting career he hopes will help financially prepare for the baby.

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on WGN America.

Will G’win find a way to avoid killing one of her own? How could Lil Foster put a stop to the harrassment from Jager’s gang without having to get his hands dirty? Could Ledda find herself in handcuffs once again if she doesn’t back down from the protesting?

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