Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Stranger in a Strange Land” Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Stranger in a Strange Land”
On the next episode of Outsiders, Haylie gets a glimpse at life on Shay Mountain, while Wade's relationship with Dana evolves. Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Stranger in a Strange Land”

The decision to kidnap Haylie and bring her to Shay Mountain was certainly a risky one by Big Foster. Not only was there no guarantee that she’d be willing to listen to anything the Farrells had to say, there was the chance that the authorities would descend upon the mountain once again in search of Miss Grimes. Only this time, they wouldn’t retreat like they did with Wade at the helm; they would do absolutely anything necessary in order to bring Haylie back safely, meaning the Farrells have put themselves in danger for something that might not even work. Considering the state of their water and soil, attempting to appeal to the emotion and humanity of their enemy might be an interesting, unexpected tactic, but the machine behind One Planet has shown that they’re not concerned with the story behind those that stand in their way, so what makes Haylie different?

On the next episode of Outsiders, Big Foster manages to get Haylie up to the Farrell homestead, where the goal is to have her drink the tainted water and eat food pulled from the soil ruined by the coal company’s toxic dusting. The Farrells want to put a face on the mountain that One Planet has coveted for so long, to show the impact that the company’s dirty tactics have on people simply trying to live their lives. However, G’win makes an executive decision that saves Haylie from having to ingest such poison, given that Haylie doesn’t know anything about the most recent tactics applied by her employer; instead, she guides Miss Grimes around the community to show her what would be destroyed if they were forced off of Shay Mountain. An entire way of life would disintegrate if forced to assimilate into civilization, including thousands of years of culture that have come to define the Farrell family line. What distinguishes the Farrells from those they seek to separate themselves from would fall away and push this current generation of the family to places their ancestors never dreamed they would have to go. Yet if Haylie doesn’t have empathy for the situation the Farrells are in, if she doesn’t value the losses that would occur if One Planet gets its way, what will the Farrells do with/to her now that they have her separated from the rest of her flock?

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Wade’s relationship with Dana evolves just as he learns that Haylie is missing, while Lil Foster stumbles upon new information in the worst way and Sally Ann and Hasil bump heads over his desire to continue fighting even after Wade’s order to leave town.

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Will Haylie be able to make it off the mountain in one piece? Who will become the prime suspect in her missing persons case if she doesn’t make it back soon? Should Hasil continue fighting, even if it means putting himself in danger of being picked up by the police?

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