Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Home for Supper” Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Home for Supper”
On the next episode of Outsiders, Blackburg prepares for the upcoming Coal Days parade, while Wade works to right a wrong that happened on... Outsiders Photos and Preview: “Home for Supper”

Before Lil Foster entered Crockett County jail, he was a peaceful, nonviolent man who had never taken a life. Despite his size and strength, Foster eschewed the thirst for carnage that fueled his father in favor of a different approach to life; it might not have always served him well, but he was able to look at himself at the end of the day and be okay with the decisions he made. Lil Foster did nothing but stay true to himself even as Big Foster made a point of shunning him in favor of Elon and his various surrogate sons on the mountain, but not even someone as pure and honorable as Lil Foster could avoid being tainted by the horrors of jail. Caged for the first time in his life and targeted by the Aryan gang, Lil Foster potentially took two lives in the jail yard incident – Jager’s and his own.

On the next episode of Outsiders, Lil Foster is scheduled to be transferred to a state prison facility hours away from Blackburg as a result of the incident with Jager. Now classified as a violent offender, Foster might not see the sunlight for the rest of his life where he’s going, a far cry from the open and independent he lived until he was arrested for the fight outside the bar. Luckily, though, Wade has still been wracked with guilt as to what happened with Lil Foster and how Matt railroaded him for Breece’s murder; Foster wasn’t even supposed to be in jail in the first place, so rather than let the man go down for a crime he didn’t commit and a murder that frankly did the world a bit of good, Wade decides to test the boundaries of his position and help the Farrells free their man. But even with the knowledge that Foster will be in a prison transport van and that this will be their only real opportunity to keep him from being locked away forever, can the Farrells bring Lil Foster home without any further carnage or bringing a flood of police to Shay Mountain?

Elsewhere on Outsiders, Ledda’s Mountain Witness puts their plan to demonstrate at the upcoming Coal Days parade into action, while the Farrells attempt to recover from the recent blood that was spilled.

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on WGN America.

Will the Farrells be able to rescue Lil Foster from the prison transfer van? What type of move will Mountain Witness make during the parade? If G’win doesn’t make it through her self-inflicted injuries, could the mountain be ruled by Big Foster once again?

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