A TV Series Named “Titans” Now Called Outsiders A TV Series Named “Titans” Now Called Outsiders
WGN America has changed the title of their Titans series. A TV Series Named “Titans” Now Called Outsiders

A few months back, it was said that TNT was doing a TV series called Titans, based on Nightwing and the other DC Comics characters from the Teen Titans franchise… and not much more has been said about it.

147055But also interesting at the time is that WGN America already also had a series called Titans, which was already picked up and had nothing to do with teenaged sidekicks.

Someone was going to have to blink, and it appears the first one to blink was WGN America. The new title, however, is a bit humorous, considering it’s got the name of Nightwing’s other team.

Yup, WGN America’s Titans is now called Outsiders. No premiere date for the series yet – which is about “a tale of struggle for power and control in the hills of Appalachia.”

The new title is really funny, though, considering that the updated title also has a DC Comics connection.

Hopefully some more developments with TNT’s Titans will some soon.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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