Opinion: The CW’s Fall 2012 Schedule – What Should They Do?Opinion: The CW’s Fall 2012 Schedule – What Should They Do?
KSiteTV's Craig Byrne lays out what he'd like to see from The CW this Fall. Opinion: The CW’s Fall 2012 Schedule – What Should They Do?

New series announcements have come from NBC and FOX, and the other networks will probably soon follow suit, as the 2012 “Upfronts” – the presentations from the networks where they announce their new shows and schedules – will be held in New York City next week. Usually, the Upfronts are reserved for potential advertisers, although in recent years, press has made it onto the list as well. (Full disclosure: I won’t be there, though I will be covering news from the presentations)

Here at KSiteTV, perhaps because the site itself grew out of KryptonSite, a site dedicated to The WB/CW series Smallville, CW shows tend to be quite popular. Fans of “bubble shows” like Hart Of Dixie, Ringer, The Secret Circle and Nikita are all wondering about their fates, and there’s a lot of interest in The CW’s new pilots this year, as the network seems to have had their best development slate yet. CW President Mark Pedowitz seems determined to make a contender out of The CW, and some of their new projects could have what it takes to take things over the edge.

Because The CW has inspired so much discussion this year, armchair schedulers have voiced their opinions on what they’d like to see for the Fall and beyond, and I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring and see what I could come up with. I’m surely not the only one who has an opinion, and I’m certain I will be wrong in what will happen. No offense is made to those whose favorite projects or series don’t make the cut — there’s not room for everything. Additionally, my predictive schedule — which will likely be wrong — isn’t just made up of what I’d like to see, but more of what I’d expect to see. I personally have no interest in another season of Gossip Girl, but I completely understand the business decision to bring it back.

Here’s my own version of The CW schedule. When the network reveals the actual schedule on Thursday, May 17, we’ll see how on target I ended up being. Also keep in mind that I haven’t actually seen the network’s new pilots, which could very well not be as good as they sound. But hey — I’m going to be hopeful.

REMINDER: This is just a fan-made schedule and NOT the official CW Fall 2012-2013 line-up. Please don’t get confused!


8PM Gossip Girl
9PM The Carrie Diaries

Again, I’m not the hugest GG fan, but I think The CW will use it to launch The Carrie Diaries. I still wish Carrie had a different title, as there are already “Diaries” on the network and the “Carrie” part makes me wish it was about the movie. There are rumors GG might only come back for a 13 episode final season… that could also be a great idea, with something else taking its slot in January or so.


8PM Hart Of Dixie
9PM Arrow

An odd match? Maybe. But 11 years ago, The WB took a risk and paired two similar shows, Gilmore Girls and Smallville... and it seemed to do well for them. Tuesdays at 9PM used to be a plum spot on The WB’s schedule… maybe it’s time for The CW to take it back with the much-buzzed-about Green Arrow show. I included Hart Of Dixie here because I think of all of The CW’s Fall 2011 shows, it stands the best chance at ratings growth. It’s a fun, quirky show with interesting characters; the challenge is just to get people to tune in in the first place. Also note that it routinely grows on Gossip Girl’s ratings.


8PM 90210
9PM America’s Next Top Model

Some see Wednesdays as an untapped opportunity for The CW, and they may be right. Me? I see The X Factor, American Idol, and ABC’s sitcoms and run scared. 90210 seems to be able to stand up to Idol decently, considering… and it seems to be able to handle any scheduling moves. I don’t really know why Top Model is still on the air but someone must like it.


8PM The Vampire Diaries
9PM The Selection/Cult (midseason)

This one’s tough. I was tempted to put the Kristin Kreuk-led Beauty And The Beast here, but I think having two shows with raven-haired beauties pining after men with a supernatural dark side going back-to-back to be a bit of overkill. The Selection, assuming it is picked up, already has been selling well as a book, and the Hunger Games comparisons can’t hurt. At midseason, I think Cult – starring The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Davis – would fit in very well.


8PM Beauty and the Beast or Nikita
9PM Supernatural

It’s genre night. I wouldn’t count Nikita out just yet — considering the whole Friday thing, it’s getting more solid numbers than most other CW shows would pull on that night, and allegedly international sales are huge. It also helps that creatively, Season 2 was fantastic. Fans of Kristin Kreuk or Beauty fans might think of Friday night as an insult — I actually think it would be a huge vote of confidence. Grimm proved last year that a new genre show CAN be launched on Fridays…. and because a lot of networks are giving up on that night, it could also be a great opportunity for a show to catch on and pop.


Reports say that The CW is high on First Cut which is a Grey’s Anatomy-type medical show starring Justin Hartley and Meryl Streep’s daughter. I would have liked to have seen Johnny Dakota with Craig Horner but there hasn’t been any buzz at all, which is unfortunate as it sounded like a lot of fun, despite the unappealing title. If The Secret Circle should return for Season 2, I think a midseason launch would be best — it would give the series time to come up with the right angle for a second year, and hopefully improve on the missteps of the first season.

What do you think? Leave some comments below!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

KSiteTV Editor-In-Chief Craig Byrne has been writing about TV on the internet since 1995. He is also the author of several published books, including Smallville: The Visual Guide and the show’s Official Companions for Seasons 4-7.