CBS’s 2019-2020 Schedule: Thoughts & Predictions CBS’s 2019-2020 Schedule: Thoughts & Predictions
KSiteTV's Craig Byrne and Shilo Adams examine the state of CBS, which goes into 2019-2020 without ratings giant The Big Bang Theory. CBS’s 2019-2020 Schedule: Thoughts & Predictions

The beginning of the 2018 television saw CBS parting ways with longtime executive Les Moonves after 23 years together. As someone who so thoroughly embodied and defined the state of his network, Moonves’s absence in the 2019-2020 season will be especially interesting since he had no hand in development. CBS under Les Moonves was about broad multi-cams, inoffensive procedurals, and little casting inclusivity, so seeing who they are free from his invisible hand should be one of the biggest things to watch next season and especially within the next 2-3 years. That also goes for trying to predict their schedules, which tend to emphasize international/streaming players, franchises, and the 25-54 demo over courting younger viewers.


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 7:00 60 Minutes; 8:00 God Friended Me; 9:00 NCIS: New Orleans; 10:00 NCIS: Los Angeles
CRAIG: 7:00 60 Minutes; 8:00 God Friended Me; 9:00 Magnum PI; 10:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

SHILO: CBS hasn’t moved a sophomore drama since The Mentalist in 2009, so one has to wonder whether that’s a company-wide philosophy or if that was one of the ways former Grand Poobah Les Moonves put his stamp on the schedule. With God‘s renewal looking quite premature given its performance in 2019, I think CBS tries to prop it up one more time this fall with the football lead-in; despite it being unowned, they loved it enough to renew it in January, so I don’t think they’ll downgrade it just yet. Maybe if it doesn’t respond in the fall, but for right now, it stays put.

In my mind, CBS Elementarys Madam Secretary and moves an established drama to fill the void. Bull is a possibility given it still has okay non-linear numbers and is headed into a syndication season, but I decided to go with NCIS: New Orleans. Partially because I think CBS will use FBI to launch its spinoff, partially because I don’t think a show as old as NCIS: New Orleans is getting a time slot upgrade, and partially because NCIS: Los Angeles is likely nearing the finish line and Sunday needs a solid performer to take the reins. 

CRAIG: I know CBS hasn’t moved a sophomore drama, but in this case, I think maybe they should: Magnum PI may be a reliable contender on Sunday nights to bridge the already established God Friended Me and NCIS: Los Angeles. Like you, I think Madam Secretary may be a better fit at midseason if it is to continue. (At the time this is being written, I cannot recall if it will be continuing or not.)

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