ABC’s 2017-2018 Schedule: Thoughts & Predictions ABC’s 2017-2018 Schedule: Thoughts & Predictions
KSiteTV's Craig Byrne and Shilo Adams discuss possibilities for ABC's 2017-2018 schedule, which will be released May 16th. ABC’s 2017-2018 Schedule: Thoughts & Predictions

abc dancing with the starsMONDAY

SHILO: 8:00 Dancing with the Stars; 10:00 Deception
CRAIG: 8:00 Dancing with the Stars; 10:00 Deception

SHILO: While I think Deception would’ve been a pretty great option for Sundays at 8:00 if ABC hadn’t gotten Idol, I think it has a real shot at working on Mondays, as well. Its magic-themed premise is family friendly enough to work with Dancing with the Stars, while the visual interest the show generates would stand out both on ABC’s schedule and against whatever competition would be put against it. I do wonder about the effects budget and whether it’ll have to be less grandiose after the pilot, in addition to how its family friendliness will pan out at 10:00, but ABC is in the market for lighter procedurals after having its drama brand become glum and overly serialized, so I think something like Deception would be a step in the right direction. Plus, this allows them to launch a WB drama in a better situation than Time After Time got and take advantage of the stacking agreement the two made this time last year.

CRAIG: Deception comes from the producers of Blindspot, which, like The Blacklist, worked on Monday nights at 10. I think it’ll be a fun and inoffensive lead-out from Dancing with the Stars. I still think they need something Castle-like there, but this might be the closest thing they have in this development class.

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