Once Upon A Time Interview: “Snow and Charming” Tease The Finale Once Upon A Time Interview: “Snow and Charming” Tease The Finale
Once Upon a Time actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas discuss the Season 6 finale. Once Upon A Time Interview: “Snow and Charming” Tease The Finale

WARNING: Tonight’s Once Upon a Time episode “The Song in Your Heart” is being discussed within, so beware of spoilers!

Tonight as Once Upon a Time ends, Emma and Hook are married on a weirdly computer-generated rooftop, but now a new curse has taken hold, courtesy of the Black Fairy!

Following a screening of the big episode, we spoke with actors Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) about what’s happening next, a season finale appropriately called “The Final Battle,” which Dallas describes as “a showdown of epic proportions.” And it will take a lot to be able to stop this curse…

“The breaking of the curse involves something far more dramatic than anything that’s ever broken a curse before. If it were to break! I am not saying it breaks! We could all just be blown into oblivion and that’s just it,” Goodwin jokes about the events of the May 14 season finale. “What broke the very first season’s curse was the kiss, a very pure unromantic true love expressed between mother and son. The love that it takes in the finale in order to do what has to be done to break the curse, I feel, is categorically bigger,” she adds.

With the fate of Once Upon a Time itself unknown – the show is not yet renewed for a seventh season, and even if it does come back, key cast members will not be returning – one might wonder if fans will be satisfied with how the finale turns out.

“I think most people will be [happy],” Dallas says. “You can’t please everybody. I think that some people will be happy, and some people will be angry and upset,” he admits, though his real-life wife Goodwin says that producers found “a magical way to make it go either way,” whether it’s the series finale or just a season finale.

The words coming from Josh Dallas imply, though, that fans will, inded, be satisfied. “They’ve honored these characters and this part of the story, this part of their journeys. I think each character gets something that the fans should be happy with, that each character deserves,” he says.

Once Upon a Time “The Final Battle” is a 2-hour event that airs Sunday, May 14 on ABC. Browse KSiteTV for more OUAT content and be sure to come talk about tonight’s episode on our Once forum!

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