Once Upon A Time Season 3 Interview: Emilie de Ravin Teases A Rumbelle Reunion Once Upon A Time Season 3 Interview: Emilie de Ravin Teases A Rumbelle Reunion
Interview with Emilie de Ravin of ABC's Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time Season 3 Interview: Emilie de Ravin Teases A Rumbelle Reunion

Although Belle was left behind in Storybrooke at the end of Once Upon A Time Season 2, the character, who is played by Emilie de Ravin, will be back on the show sooner than you would have expected.

EMILIE DE RAVINWe spoke with the actress last week at the Vancouver studio of Once Upon A Time, to find out what happens when we see Belle again.

(Warning: SPOILERS are discussed!)

Those who have seen the promo trailer for the new Once episode airing tonight (October 6) have seen that Rumpelstiltskin has a familiar visitor in this evening’s show, which is called “Lost Girl.” So who is that that Rumple is talking to?

“It’s interesting. It’s Belle, but what version of Belle is it?” she teases. “That’s sort of a really cool reveal later on.”

Whoever it may be, this Belle doesn’t really like what she sees when she and Rumple have their first interaction. “As you can see even in the first episode, from his clothing change, he’s getting darker, and she’s trying to sort of say ‘look, you don’t need to do that’,” she explains. “She’s [trying to be] bringing out the best, as she usually tries to do. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s fun. She pops up quite a lot there,” she reveals. “She has fun scenes with Rumple. I think fans will be interested and shocked at what kind of Belle that is further on down the road.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 12.20.23 PMDespite these ethereal-seeming appearances, Belle is also seen in the place where we just left her — Storybrooke. Without the Charmings, Regina, Mr. Gold, and company there, might it get a bit boring there?

“I don’t think Belle is bored at all, basically, throughout the entire show!” she laughs. “She seems to always have something quite interesting going on. Whether it’s happy, sad, dramatic, or stressful.” And, yes, there are characters around to keep Belle company. “We’ve got Mother Superior, we’ve got the Seven Dwarves… Granny… Jiminy… basically, everyone that was left there, she’s interacting with. Which is kind of cool, because these are people that she hasn’t really spent that much time with, friendship wise and screen time wise, whatever. And she also becomes friends with possibly a little red-headed mermaid, which has been really fun,” she hints.

Could “Rumbelle” (the Rumpelstiltskin/Belle pairing) have a happy ending at the end of this journey? “I think there’s a chance. I hope there’s a chance,” Emilie says, aware of the huge fan base that is supporting the pairing. “We got the Rumbelle name right away, right after the first episode I guested on! It’s like, you guys like us together!”

A new Once Upon A Time airs tonight (October 6) at 8PM (ET) on ABC. Take a look at some preview images and come join the countdown on our forum!  And come back soon for more Once interviews!


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