Once Upon A Time Promo Trailer: “Ariel” Once Upon A Time Promo Trailer: “Ariel”
Promo trailer for the Once Upon A Time episode Ariel, featuring the Little Mermaid Once Upon A Time Promo Trailer: “Ariel”

Ariel---Flounder-the-little-mermaid-223085_1280_1024ABC has been making a habit of not releasing descriptions or images from upcoming episodes of Once Upon A Time too early. As such, we don’t have an official description yet for the November 3 episode of the show, which is called “Ariel,” and we don’t have any promotional images, either.

And yes, the name does imply that there’s a Little Mermaid involved with the story. JoAnna Garcia is playing Ariel.

ABC did, however, air a promotional trailer for “Ariel” after tonight’s show, so we do have that, at least. You can find that below:

If you’ve just finished this week’s Once Upon A Time, which was titled “Good Form,” come and talk about it on our Once forum!


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