Once Upon A Time: More Images From “The Stable Boy”Once Upon A Time: More Images From “The Stable Boy”
Images of Lana Parrilla and Barbara Hershey in the Once Upon A Time episode The Stable Boy Once Upon A Time: More Images From “The Stable Boy”

The April 1 episode of Once Upon A Time features a look into the backstory of the Evil Queen, and guest stars Barbara Hershey as her mother, Cora. The episode shows us a time when the woman who would someday become “Regina” wore brighter colors, rode a horse, and actually smiled a bit. Producers of the show are also promising that that will be the episode to explain why the Evil Queen hates Snow White so much.

Thanks to Andreas, we now have more images from the episode, including a whole lot of behind-the-scenes shots of Hershey and Lana Parrilla, who plays the Evil Queen, looking not quite so evil here. Perhaps, once upon a time, the Evil Queen was a lot more like Snow White than we could have ever imagined…

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Once Upon A Time - "The Stable Boy"

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