Once Upon A Time: Lana Parrilla Talks Regina Team-Ups Once Upon A Time: Lana Parrilla Talks Regina Team-Ups
Interview with Lana Parrilla of ABC's Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time: Lana Parrilla Talks Regina Team-Ups

A new episode of Once Upon A Time airs tonight (October 26) at 8PM on ABC, which makes now a perfect time to share another one of our interviews from our recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set.

LANA PARRILLAToday, the spotlight falls on Lana Parrilla (Regina), whose character seems to want to do good now, and might not be the evilest queen in Storybrooke, now that Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen is hanging around. To stop the Snow Queen, Regina just might have to team up with Emma Swan… but will that work? Emma is cool with Regina, but does that relationship go both ways?

“It takes a bit, because she feels betrayed,” Parrilla told us. “She’s hurt by Emma, deeply. She doesn’t know if it [saving Marian] was intentional. I think deep down inside of her, she hopes it was a mistake or an accident, but it’s going to take her a little bit to come around, and to open her heart again. Because I do believe she cares for Emma on some level. It’s almost like a sisterly bond they have. And that mirrors the Elsa and Anna bond — you see in that first episode, that famous behind the door scene, and that mirrors the Frozen scene. To me, they are setting up that kind of relationship between the two. I love what happens to them. There’s an episode coming up where I remember reading the script going, ‘Oh my God, Regina’s so awful to Emma! She’s saying one horrible thing after another.’ Playing it is one thing, because you feel like a total bitch for eight days while you’re filming the episode, but in reality it’s only 45 minutes. And it’s one day, where she’s just really upset and wants to punish her. And I think she just needs to get it off her chest and they’ll move forward. I’m excited about their relationship because they’re very similar. They have something they were born with, which is this magic. Emma and Regina don’t have a lot of people they can relate to. So it’s nice they find comfort in one another,” Lana said of what would cement an Emma-Regina team-up.

JENNIFER MORRISON, LANA PARRILLAOne alliance that might come more easily for Regina is the one with her adopted son, Henry, with “Operation Mongoose.”  “I think that’s really beautiful, because she’s choosing to be honest with him, and not afraid of what the outcome is. And she’s so overjoyed when he says, ‘I will join you, Mom. Let’s do this together’,” Parrilla says. “It’s such a relief. It’s nice to have a partner in crime, and have it be Henry. And also for him to see she’s doing it for the right reasons. It’s not like she’s doing it to hurt anyone. She’s actually doing it because she wants to be happy, and she wants to get to the bottom of it — a villain’s fate is always…well, I don’t want to say the [five] letter word. Starting with a ‘d,’ ending with an ‘h.’ But usually, that’s how it is, right? So she wants to fix things before it ever gets to that place,” she said.

Once Upon A Time is new tonight on ABC. Take a look at some preview images from tonight’s episode “Breaking Glass” and come join the countdown on our forum!


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