Once Upon A Time: EPs Talk Emma’s Relationships With Hook & Regina Once Upon A Time: EPs Talk Emma’s Relationships With Hook & Regina
Once Upon A Time Executive Producers Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis talk about Emma Swan's relationships with Hook and Regina. Once Upon A Time: EPs Talk Emma’s Relationships With Hook & Regina

We just got back from a screening of the first two episodes of the second half of Once Upon A Time Season 4, and after the screening, ABC hosted a Q&A with the show’s Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISONThey talked about many things – most of them spoilery – but what you’re probably wondering about is the state of Emma Swan’s relationships with Captain Hook and/or the formerly-evil Queen Regina, right?

“As far as her and Hook, she’s beginning to open her heart up,” Edward Kitsis told the room of journalists. “So, for us, it is watching Emma open her heart up, even though she’s about to find out some really bad information. For Hook, we are going to realize that he’s got some things going on in his head that he’s concerned about,” he teased.

“With Regina, I think what’s fun is that, in the premiere this year, she knocked on the door and said ‘I want to be your friend, and I want to get your happy ending as well,’ and then she joined up in Operation Mongoose,” Kitsis continued. “Regina was kind of like ‘that’s great, but I like your mom more.’ Regina hasn’t been that open to her friendship, but I think we’re going to see that change a little bit, and I think that the natural evolution of their growth is kind of fun for us. I think the show… Regina & Emma is a huge part of it. It started with her trying to get her out of town, and they fought together, and they fought against each other, so now I think whether or not they can be friends, we’re going to see in this second half.”

LANA PARRILLA, JENNIFER MORRISONEmma will face some new challenges in Season 4B, and those challenges might form a new alliance between the two women. “There is a new common ground between the two characters that I think will build on that friendship. In addition to Henry, now, they have something else that they can share,” Horowitz added.

Once Upon A Time returns Sunday, March 1. See some images from the midseason premiere below:


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