Once Upon A Time Episode 17 “Hat Trick” Images! Once Upon A Time Episode 17 “Hat Trick” Images!
Images from the "Hat Trick" episode of Once Upon A Time guest starring Sebastian Stan Once Upon A Time Episode 17 “Hat Trick” Images!

Sebastian Stan guest stars as the Mad Hatter and the Who’s Roger Daltrey voices a talking caterpillar in the March 25 episode of Once Upon A Time!

Also in the episode, Emma is kidnapped by a man whose sanity teeters on the edge of madness — how much do you want to bet that’s Sebastian Stan’s Storybrooke alter ego — and the Evil Queen persuades a man of magic to steal something from the Queen of Hearts.

In more spoiler news, Mary Margaret is missing by this episode and the Evil Queen’s interaction with the Queen of Hearts brings her to Wonderland!

UPDATE: Thanks to Andreas, we now have a few more images than the ones that were posted last night – bringing the total to 22! Enjoy! And be sure to come by our Once Upon A Time forum to talk about the show!

Oh, and by the way… those images of the really old witch? They’re labeled as being of Lana Parrilla. Not as glamorous as usual, that’s for sure!


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