Once Upon A Time Episode 16 “Heart Of Darkness” ImagesOnce Upon A Time Episode 16 “Heart Of Darkness” Images
Images from the "Heart of Darkness" episode of Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time Episode 16 “Heart Of Darkness” Images

Yesterday, we posted the official description for the March 18 episode of Once Upon A Time, which is titled “Heart Of Darkness” – and now, some images from the episode have surfaced, full of Prince Charming/Snow White goodness.

In addition to quite a bit of drama in Storybrooke involving Kathryn’s disappearance, there’s a lot going on in “fairy tale land” too, as Prince Charming sets out to stop a “determined and unhinged Snow White.”

Here are some of the images that have been released from the episode thus far.

UPDATE: Thanks to Andreas, we now have even more images than what was originally posted – bringing the total to 17 images from “Heart Of Darkness.”


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